Friday, May 02, 2014

Common Man Coffee Roasters

I prefer brunch spots that have a personality on its own with regards to the menu. I mean, yes the standard big breakfasts are always a norm at most places, but it would be good if they have a dish that's just particular to them, their signature dish with their stamp on it. It's like say, you look at the picture of a brunch table and go, "Hey, I know that! That's from XXX!" rather than go "Hmmm, so where did you had brunch again?"

I'm sure by now, if you're a regular cafe hopper like me, and you see my picture below, you'll definitely recognise the cafe (if the title of the post haven't already clued you in). The distinctive ceramic plates and cups, and the dishes would have helped too.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

Turkish CM Breakfast; Organic Eggs Benedict; CM Full Breakfast; CM Full Veggie Breakfast

I've been to the place twice and I think the menu offerings are pretty unique, such as the Organic Eggs Benedict, which is eggs ben with beef cheeks (swoons), or the Turkish Common Man Breakfast, which has a unique soft boiled egg encased in a sorta crispy coating (the website says it's phyllo) with crispy feta bits and pita bread. You certainly don't see such stuff at other cafes don't you?

This was on my second visit, where a group of friends celebrated my 26th birthday last November. Haha, if I didn't remember wrongly, it was that very day where I fell sick and subsequently got quite sick during my birthday week. ;)

So between my first and second visit, I think I covered most of the brunch dishes.

Common Man Full Breakfast (with sausage and bacon on the side)
Fries; Brioche French Toast; Cupcake; Churros
Croissant Croque Monsieur

The croissant croque monsieur was pretty good, and so was the french toast. Can't say the same for the churros though, the innards were pretty doughy and the chocolate dip was quite forgettable. Coffee here is pretty acidic, but that's pretty much expected, given that it's part of the Spa Esprit Group, which also owns 40 Hands.

Have heard of the long queues at the place on the weekends, so haven't really popped by again since my last visit in November 2013. Anyway, the prices here are pretty steep, so will think twice before I visit again anyway. It's akin to Symmetry, where there's good food (plus drinks), albeit with a significant price tag as compared to the rest of the other brunch places.

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