Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oh my god. It's the end of April. In less than 2 months. I'm going to kiss QUT bye-bye. Graduation. I'm so not looking forward to it. I have so many choices I have no idea which to decide on. One thing I detest at this moment is anyone who ask the fatal question "So what are your plans after graduation?". The million dollar answer to the question is "I don't know, so stop asking me."

Pistachio paste is used for the pistachio buttercream.

Macarons from front to back - Coffee; Grapefruit; Pistachio.

Koko black chocolate is superb. I decided that since I like chocolates, and like muffins, I should just combine the two so I don't eat double the fats. snigger. Rough chunks of these in a muffin? Yummy.

Special two-in-one muffin. Nah. Actually it's leftover batter. (:
Fiona & Claudia's graduations + Ludwig's farewell. I baked green tea muffins and checkerboard cookies and dressed them up in the pretty packaging from where else but my fave store in Singapore...Daiso! (:

I tried my hand at baking other bread besides focaccia. Sweet buns dough, with various fillings.

I like the chocolate ones best. No surprise. ;)

Lemons lemons lemons. I love zesting the lemons and rubbing it in sugar. The smell oh the smell. I wish I could smell like lemon sugar. Someone should bottle the scent of lemon sugar seriously. (:

For Rick, Gerald & Esther's graduation, it's chocolate pie (tasted suspiciously brownie-like) and lemon almond oatmeal lace cookies.
Cravings for double dark chocolate cookies, so made some hugeass ones. A glass of cold milk with these is simply the best.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Brisbane Part 2

And here are my FINAL Brisbane holiday shots with my Sister. Hurray. I'm making progress. snigger. Now, to attack my baking photos.... I can't wait to share them with you guys! (: (: (:

Looking at this post makes me miss Sister so badly. We had fun that day jumping hey? ;)

27/02/09: Fishie fishie. What are we using them for?

Feeding dolphins! So fun, we fed them like three times hehe. (:
The baby dolphin was shy and wouldnt come near people at feeding time, so we were waiting and waiting for it...then the person gave up and asked us to feed the other dolphins instead.

Rainbow beach. The sand was totally awesome. Sparkling black and white crystals. I wish I could bring them all home with me...

The Kangaroo. Ha!Starting our crazy hopping around on the beach...
I like.
I like too.
I like too too.
I like too too too.
I like too too too too. Haha.
The jumping roos. ;)

Cute lil boy who snickered at me when the waves crash into me, soaking my shorts (all while I was attempting to take a photo of him...haha)
She's really a dancer at heart lar, not a roo. haha.

"Exfoliating" her hands with the beautiful sand.

28/02/09: Dessert at the Emporium. Lighting was bad, so don't want to post up the lousy shots of the yummy desserts haha.
And here are the many more hearts I collected during my Melbourne/Brisbane trip with the Sister. Lotsa love, (or XOXO -grin-) Chelle.
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