Monday, May 26, 2014

Chikuwa Tei

I can never get sick of Japanese food. Especially when fresh sashimi is in the picture. Remember previously, when I mentioned I found a really yums Japanese restaurant near Spathe Public House? This is it. Chikuwa Tei. Just a few steps away from Spathe.

Chirashi don ちらし丼 
Sukiyaki Teishoku; Codfish
Itadakimasu いただきます!

Met up with some friends for dinner at this Japanese place one of the friends recommended. We made reservations and boy were we glad we did. The place was empty when we first arrived on an early Friday evening, but it filled up pretty quickly after that. In fact, there was a queue right beside our table (we sat pretty near the entrance) and we were a tad conscious of the fact that this was not a place to sit and linger on after finishing the meal.

The place was known for the affordable bento set meals. And the most popular of them all must be the chirashi set (close up of the chirashi don - the first picture of the post). Almost every table had an order of that. The set comes with your choice of dish, plus a side dish, pickles, miso soup and fresh fruit. The chirashi don was S$25. For the quality of the fish that they serve, I do think that it is pretty decently priced indeed.

Met a friend for lunch there on a weekday a few days after my first visit as it was (quite) near my work place via car, say about 10-15 minutes drive? Like previously, the place was empty when we walked in, but filled up pretty much soon. The bar counter area was popular for those who dined solo, while the seats surrounding us were filled with (I presume) office workers who worked near by.

I had shared the chirashi don with friends in my first visit, I guess it's kinda a girl thing to do - we order a few dishes and we share so we could all sample the different dishes. It was so yummy that I vowed to order one for myself the next time I visit the place. The sashimi slices were generously thick, bordering onto excessive (I'm definitely not complaining). And fresh of course. Needless to say, I was very happy during that lunch hour. (Even though I had to head back to work after. Pfft.)

Warm sake
 Salmon and salmon belly sashimi
 Otoro (tuna belly) sushi
Wagyu beef tartare

Went back for a third time recently with the fams for a weekend fams lunch. It was a rainy afternoon, and the place was quite quiet. Guess with the heavy rainfall, no one likes to head out much yeah.

We ordered loads (hohoho) to share. Among the five of us, we got like a few bento sets (yes, the chirashi don being one of them) and a few ala carte dishes. The salmon and salmon belly were swiped clean within minutes after I took the shot. Super thick cut slabs as per the chirashi don. 

I'm not a fan of tuna (yes, to the extent of including those of the canned variety). But ever since my trip to Japan earlier this year, where I tasted ootoro (fatty tuna belly), I knew that though it's still not one of my fave fish, tuna can actually taste good (in my book, this is pretty much like a miracle). So when I spotted otoro sushi on the menu, I excitedly jabbed at the menu to point it out (oh and yes the wagyu beef tartare) to the Sis, whom I know love both, and her eyes lit up. Cue the sparkly sparkly eyes effect ala Japanese anime style. The beef was tasty, but a touch salty (my opinion), though the Sis liked it as it is (she tends to favour saltier food well). And the otoro, while good, could not compare to the one we had at Tsukiji Fish Market.  

And a parting shot of the chirashi don again...

Definitely one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. Do make reservations before you head down cos you never know when they might be packed!

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