Monday, November 30, 2009

Black sesame macarons

I made black sesame macarons some time ago. Tastewise, they were great. Visually, I have something minor to gripe about - they aren't greyish black! They are more of a I don't know brownish black shade. That's what irks me the most, otherwise, everything about these were pretty good.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vanilla salted caramel and chocolate mousse

I think I am more suited to making cake based desserts, I can't seem to succeed with the mousse (gelatine) types of desserts. The taste of these mousse, although good, were not moussey-like. They were more of a richer texture than the softer melt in the mouth texture I was seeking. I used the recipe from here, and managed to get six tiny shot glasses and three half-filled big glasses.

Lindt 70% dark chocolate; salted caramel; triple mousse verrines.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kim's Family Restaurant at Lorong Kilat

Lorong Kilat's been busy these days, what with the new shops that are sprouting along that small lane. Within the last few years, a Korean grocery shop (yay!), restaurants, ice cream parlours have opened there. Luckily for me, that area is within 15-20 minutes walking distance for me, and I find myself walking there more often for icecream, or even dinner with friends.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Grapefruit tarts and pumpkin apple muffins

Well, I've been lazy editing photos so I've a huge ton of photos left to do up. So far, I'm only touching on my food pictures cos I feel happy thinking about them. There's still pictures of friends and family to be posted. Perhaps on FB? Less editing to do thank god. (:

Here's some Grapefruit creme brulee tarts that were made when I was experimenting with dough and also, some pumpkin apple muffins that were made near Halloween, where pumpkins were in abundence. (:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

It was Daddy's birthday on Monday, I made a cake for him this year for his 51st! I compiled together different recipes to make the cake - the sponge cake from a website, the chantilly cream from a baking book, and the method of assembling it from yet another website.

This is my first ever whole layer cake, and I can't say it's that scrumptious (but hey on the bright side, at least I got some pretty decent pictures out of it! haha.). The sponge was alright on the top layers, but a tad dry and dense at the bottom layer. It could be that I overfolded the batter just a bit before baking. Bah. And it was a little tasteless on its own, it would have been nice if there was some vanilla or lemon zest added to the batter to enhance the flavour. But I learnt new stuff. So hopefully, my next layer cake would be an improvement!

Happy 51st Daddy and thanks for everything.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cute ad

I found this commercial that I saw some time back, I forgot on whose blog. But I keep thinking about it cos I thought it was cute. So I decided on a whim to try searching for it and I found it!

Do look at it. It's sweet. (:

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What goes around comes around

Sometimes, life is interesting. The smallest things can make you stop and reflect and thank yourself that you did something in a certain way.

The other day, it was raining heavily , I had just finished my driving lesson at BBDC and was across the road at the bus stop waiting for the bus, with my umbrella still open to keep the rain at bay (it was practically pouring torrents and torrents cos I got wet dashing across the road to the bus stop as there were many puddles on the ground - lucky me that there was no cars that splashed water on me as I would absolutely go mad).

This girl alighted from a bus and was looking to cross the road. She approached me and asked tentatively if I could shield her across. I hestitated for one second, debating with myself that the bus would not come in the minute I would take to fetch her across and back. (Issue aside, does anyone beside me find it really weird that it's a driving centre, where traffic is BUSY constantly, and there are no traffic lights for pedestrians to cross the road safely? People jaywalk all the time outside the driving centre and I have thought about it several times before - what is the accident rate for jaywalkers at the location like? Hmmm.)

I digress. I did brought the girl over (jaywalking yet another time, may I add). Although I got even wetter, I felt that it was okay, cos I did a (minor) good deed for the day.

Then, today, I walked out to the Korean mart near my place to get something, and it started raining heavily within a few seconds. I was without an umbrella, and walking anywhere was out of the question as there was no shelter from where I was to whereever I was about to go. Luckily for me, within five minutes of standing to one corner hoping desperately for the rain to stop, a kind lady wielding an umbrella (oh my angel!) approached me and ask if I need to get across. She sent me to the bus stop opposite the road and went about her way.

This really brings to mind the old saying; what goes around comes around. It's a small matter, yet it really made me think of how true this saying is.
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