Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oz Specialty Coffee

Quiet find at Upper Thomson area.

Oz Specialty Coffee

 Oz Specialty Coffee menu
 Juice; Latte
 Salmon scramble; Summer berries Liege waffles

Limited food options, thus we chose the scrambled salmon and a waffle to share. Portions were quite small though. I think they just revamped their menu, the price for the latest menu found online is slightly different from what I saw when I was there. I'm not sure I'm liking the current trend of small portions for the price tag at cafes nowadays. Hmmm.

Waffles here were nice though. It's liege waffles, not the usual type of waffles you find at cafes nowadays. We ordered the summer berries, which was frozen berries. I would have preferred if it was a warm berry compote or something. Oh wells. I did like the tartness of the frozen cranberries, which paired well with the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream though.

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