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Seoul 2013: Tous Les Jours

One of my favorite bakeries in Seoul.

Tous Les Jours, Myeongdong

Tous Les Jours is a French-Asian chain bakery franchaise in Seoul, Korea. It has several branches outside of Korea, in countries such as America, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Philippines and recently in late 2013, Malaysia. It's found quite easily in Seoul, and its main competitor would be Paris Baguette (I would think). Both bakery chains are found in almost every suburb. Unfortunately for me, though Paris Baguette has opened a few branches in Singapore, my fave Tous Les Jours has not. Pouts.

I didn't step into this bakery in my previous visits despite staying in Myeongdong in all of my visits. Probably cos it was situated near one of the exits of the Myeongdong Station that I don't really use.  But in my 2013 trip, as I switched hotels midway through my vacation, I had to walk by it to reach the train station every day. The travel companions were the ones who stepped in first, and when I followed, I was greeted with a huge array of breads. I was sold.

One thing about the Koreans. Besides the usual bread name, the description and the price, they were really detailed to even include the calories and ingredients. Not that my Korean is proficient enough, but I'm sure these are quite useful info to have. Then again, if you are really watching your calories, why would you even be in a bakery in the first place? *rolls eyes at the irony*

Breakfast takeaways. The cheesey egg ham bread had a pretty good flavour. But our unanimous favourite was the matcha custard bun (top right in image). Matcha. Custard. Hello? Do I really need to go into specifics? Every time we walked in, we were bound to get one of that. I was so disappointed when on our second last day, we walked in at night to buy some buns home and found out that it was all sold out. :(

We visited the store almost every other day, and all the breads we got there were pretty yums. It's weird, but I'm more inclined to be a fan of Tous Les Jours compared to Paris Baguette. I tried Paris Baguette once locally (the Wisma branch) and wasn't very impressed with the choices I bought, thus I didn't bother to try it in Korea (also, why bother trying something you can get in SG?). If only they opened a branch in SG too. I mean, they opened branches in so many Asian countries (except SG bah).

 Breads I lugged home to share with the family

They had a series of interesting mochi breads. I bought back the above gray-ish mochi bread for the fams to try, where the outer layer was a pillowy soft bun, encasing a chewy mochi filling. Pretty yummy. I had the sweet potato pastry at the back, which is pastry wrapped with sweet potato paste and topped with black sesame seeds. I like how they had a good mix of Asian and Western type breads and the prices were not too expensive either. The above matcha swirled bread with black beans loaf costs only 2,500W, which is about S$3? I doubt I can get such a big loaf from my fave bakery DONQ in Takashimaya SG.

Definitely gonna go back to the bakery the next time I'm back in Seoul! :)

Tous Les Jours
Address: 서울특별시 중구 충무로2가 64-6 (64-6 Chungmuro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul)
Get there: Myeongdong Station (Line 4), Exit 8.
Phone: +82 2 319 7863
Opening Hours: TBC
To try: Breads

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