Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seoul 2013: 남이섬 (Nami Island)

Hope that everyone had a good Christmas! Happy holidays to all!

The year's coming to a wrap. With all the year end gatherings happening, I may be a lil caught up with things to pay attention to this space for the next few weeks. As I've been neglecting this online area for the past few months, I thought I should at least strive to clear a lil of my massive (you won't believe how much) collection of photos I've amassed so far in 2013.

Besides photos of my baking, there's also vacation photos I've snapped on my two holidays - Seoul in April, and Australia in September. I've only gone through editing half of my Seoul photos, and will probably try to finish it soon so I can move on to the Australia shots (and also, before my upcoming trips in February and March 2014 ha!).

Similar to the 2012 Korea blog posts, I've categorised the photos based on location, and will post them not in sequence of my travel itinerary. My trips to Korea always seem to evolve around food, so there'll be plenty of upcoming posts where majority of the photos will consist of nothing more than food, food, and yes, more food. Thus, I thought I should start things off on a light note, with a post on a popular travel spot in Korea, where the photos will have a dominant focus on stuff other than you know, food. ;)

남이섬 (Nami Island)
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