Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spathe Public House

I'm such a procrastinator. Every month, I say I'll try to post more, but every month, I end up being lazy/too busy/tired to think of the words to accompany my posts.

Spathe Public House

Spathe garlic fries; Watermelon lemonade

Spathe's specialty fries - the garlic fries were very garlicky indeed. Those who like garlic would love this dish. Garlic haters, I'm sorry, if your friends order this, you'll be surrounded by garlic breaths throughout your meal. Ha! The watermelon lemonade was refreshing, but the alcohol was not too strong if you're seeking an alcoholic drink.

Stuffed portobello mushroom

Thumbs up for the portobello mushroom salad too. I'm a sucker for mushrooms, and I guess it's pretty hard to screw mushrooms up yeah.

12 hour slow-cooked pork belly

The potato mash was creamy beyond words. It's better not to think how much calories the dish contain (aka how much butter or cream they add) to make into such a smooth paste. Eat first, (don't) worry later. The pork belly fell apart with the spear of a fork. That was how tender the meat was. Certainly didn't got any complaints from us.

The waffles were soooooooo good. It was uber light and airy, and the fried chicken was perfectly seasoned. But I'm more of a sweet waffle fan rather than a savoury waffle person, thus even though both components were done really well, as a savoury dish, I wouldn't exactly say it's my cuppa tea. Fret not waffle, I'm not deriding you. In this case, it's really not you, it's me. 

Spathe also has waffles for the dessert category, so if you're a sweet fan like me, you could consider getting that instead (and no, I didn't try the sweet version). If you like your waffles done any way, just get the savoury version just to try. You might just like it savoury. To each his/her own.

Belgian waffle and fried chicken
Dinner: On the table
Christmas brunch
Classic Croque Madame; Eggs mushroom

Popped by Spathe again for brunch a few months later (and yes, if I went Spathe for brunch in December, that means I was there for dinner before December, so yes, you can so see how much of a procrastinator I am...).

The brunch was equally good as dinner options.  Definitely recommend this spot. The restaurant is at a central area and there are many eateries along the area (though parking might be a bit of a hassle if you can't find lots along both sides of the road). I found a really good and affordable Jap restaurant a few shops away from Spathe and will blog about it (soon I hope). The chirashi don is totally awesome (that should be a big hint for those of you in the know). ;)

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