Friday, February 27, 2015

Japan 2014: Osaka お好み焼き 千房

It's been about a week since I got back from my first vacay in 2015. To France, in fact, for those who are curious. We went to Milan > Nice > Lyon > Paris for about ten days or so, and it was too short for my liking (obviously). My family and I flew over about a week prior to the lunar new year, so we totally skipped all the lunar new year festivities of reunion dinner, house cleaning, CNY baking, loading up on CNY goodies and more. Yeps, to date, I've yet to eat any CNY goodies at all (it's def a boon right, to not put on weight from CNY goodies), received any angpaos cos I've not done any house visiting (well, except for the one my Dad gave me, so that's def a bane, though at my age, I should be quite paiseh to still 伸手要红包 ha!) or pack my room (erm, I'm still on the fence if that's a boon or bane hee).

Anyway, back to my last post on Osaka, here's one of the best meal I had on my Japan 2014 vacation. Okonomikayi (お好み焼き), is a Japanese savoury pancake, and "okonomi" refers to what you want, and "yaki" refers to the method of grilling. It comprise of a batter made of flour, eggs, shredded cabbage and can include varying ingredients such as seafood or meat. After the pancake is cooked, a thick sweet brown sauce is than lathered over it, followed by a generous squirt of mayo, topped with some seaweed flakes, and finally finished off with a heap mountain of bonito flakes.

お好み焼き 千房, Osaka 2014

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Japan 2014: Osaka

Oh hey. I'm just about to start posting about my first trip of 2014 (just when I'm about to go off soon for my first trip of 2015...). My procrastination...has no limits. ;)

Anyway, first trip of 2014 was to Japan with the fams, over the CNY period. It was a really last minute decision (I mentioned it here before), and it was a very short trip. We flew to Tokyo, and even managed to squeeze in one night in Osaka in our very tight schedule. I'll post about Osaka first, just because well, there's lesser photos to edit (ha!).

道頓堀 (Dōtonbori), 2014 (taken with iPhone 4S Panoramic cam)
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