Thursday, March 19, 2009

Melbourne 2nd part pictures

It's been a motivating week.

Monday - Body Attack. Gym.
Wednesday - Personal Trainer session. Body Attack. Kitchen cleaning.
Thursday - Gym.
coming Friday - Yoga. Clubbing.
coming Saturday - Body Combat. Body Balance.
coming Sunday - Body Attack.

I pray the gyming fad doesn't fade. My muscles I never knew existed are aching all over. ;)

And here's the last of pictures for the Melbourne trip. Yay! I'm starting to clear the photos to be uploaded. Now, I've gotta start working on the Brisbane part of the holiday trip. I can't wait to clear the rest of them so I can start on my baking pictures... (:

Day 3 Melbourne: Grampians (damn breathtaking scenery), own "picnic" lunch (remember Sis??? ha!), dinner at Pancake Parlour.

Somehow I like the blurred foreground of this photograph.

Sister 偷拍 me a couple of times while I was using my new favourite toy. (:

Bright orange tree bark. Wenli? (:

Nature's love.
Isn't it lovely? I just happened to glance up and the rays were just shining down like that.
As the car whizzed down the mountains, it was reminiscent of the Twilight scenery...

Day 4 Melbourne: Chadstone Shopping Centre, Little Bourke St for dinner

Rainbow tags at this lil' coffee place at Chadstone mall.

Life-sized chess on the streets. Harry Potter anyone? ;)
Sitting outside the huge-ass Supre stall in Melbourne waiting for my sister who was happily shopping...

We went Little Bourke and cos our first choice, Greek food, was too pricey, we walked around till we stumbled upon this small Japanese bar/restaurant place. The food was simply divine. Though we only ordered two dishes and the portions weren't alot, the quality of the food was top-notch. I especially love the sashimi salad, I wish I knew how to replicate it at home...
Playing with the lights.

Day 5 Melbourne: St Kilda's, Bridge Road (Richmond), last minute food shopping.

We decided to head back to St Kilda's for a leisure breakfast.
Breakfast at Gypsy at St Kilda's.
Bento lunch at Bridge Road, Richmond. There was just too much food that I couldn't finish it. :(
Our one and only stop (what a pity!) at Brunetti's to buy a couple of titbits back to Brissy...

Small bites
Brunetti's and Koko Black for last minute sweet bites.
A final glance at our residence in Melbourne.
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