Saturday, May 02, 2009

Finally finished backlog. (:

Here's all the remaining backlog of food pictures! This is for the month of April. The previous post was end Feb/Mar baking. Finally. I almost feel a sense of relief that I've uploaded all the pictures. (: Now, there's the bento pictures to tackle...haha. But then I think I like to mass upload a month's worth of bentos at a shot, so I'll only post bento pictures up at the end of each month.

Omg. My eyes are drooping so badly now that it's 3am. I'm supposed to go gym tomorrow morning. So I better head off to bed lest I wake up late and then decide that I'm lazy to walk to Fitness First. Ha.

Ingredients to make?
Quiches. It's my first attempt and I even made the pate sucree from scratch! It was wasy, but it took time rolling the dough out and cutting it to fit into the pan. I wanted to experiment with two flavours so I went with spinach for one, and mushrooms bacon for the other.

Waiting to go into the oven.

Ingredients for making homemade soup.
Vienna mini bread rolls.
The roll on the far right is from Woo Aa! She bought this Korean premix sesame bun pack and tried it out. It tasted pretty chewy and unlike a bread, but it was nice though.

Homemade beef barley vegetable soup. Bread + soup during cold weather is simply the best.
Uber mini burgers. About three mouthfuls each and they're gone. ;)

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