Saturday, May 24, 2014

Assembly Coffee

I've come to the realisation that nowadays, I tend to revisit a cafe several times before deciding if I should blog about it. I'm not saying I do that for all the cafes I head to, just that I notice that it has happened for a few cafes I've been visiting so far.

 Assembly Coffee
 Blends in the house

Was there a few months back when they just opened. Love it when cafes are still relatively new, cos that means the space is still quiet and cosy. Once the crowd gets wind of a new spot, BAM, there goes the tranquility. 

 Latte; Cappuccino 
 Salted caramel waffles

Was there after brunch for a second round of coffee. So my girls and I saw the words salted caramel waffles, and couldn't resist ordering one to share. The waffles were quite heavy and not light/fluffy (back then), so when paired together with the ice cream and salted caramel sauce, it was a really overwhelming "jelat" dessert. We spoke to the owner, and she said they were still experimenting with the recipe, so I kept that in mind to try it again should I visit the place again. The coffees were really good, strong without acidity, AND plus point that it's a cafe in the west, so I knew definitely I would be back.

On my second visit, I arranged to have breakfast with a junior college friend that I've lost touch there. I was there early, so I ordered a baby chino first cos I was actually quite hungry but I didn't want to order my coffee first without food. The mini cuppa was really quite cute. There was a velvety creamy frothiness to the drink, you could actually scoop it up to "drink" it.  And topped with (I assume) lotus caramelised biscuits, it was like a mini dessert (in drink form).

 Baby chino

 Scrambled eggs croissant; Cappuccino 

Coffee joints tend to have a limited menu, so we both ordered the scrambled eggs croissant (with the choice of smoked salmon or ham). The croissant was yummy, and the scrambled eggs creamy. An enjoyable breakfast indeed. The coffee was as good as my previous visit, and I like how every cup was poured with so much dedication by the barista. The latte art on the coffees were so beautiful. I managed to record a video of the barista pouring (shared on Instagram previously), but here's the clip below.

 Assembly Coffee menu
 Scrambled eggs toast

Popped by the place again recently after the cafe has been in the scene for quite a while. Yes, it was another of those early breakfast dates with the girl pal. I guess they had not replenished their croissants stock, so we had to make do with toast with our eggs. As I'm usually not a fan of smoked salmon, I chose the ham this time round.

 Breakfast date
 Earl grey caramel waffles

And because we were greedy, we ordered a side of waffles too with our breakfast. They had new additions to their menu, the earl grey caramel and chocolate strawberries waffles. We looked at the menu and pointed at the earl grey one simultaneously. So glad my friend and I has similar tastebuds. ;)

The waffles batter was totally different to my previous visit. It was much lighter, not so heavy, and with a slightly crisp exterior. The earl grey caramel was also pretty decent, you could actually detect the light floral notes of earl grey. This was one of the better waffles I've had, but not the best. Probably in my personal top five though. ;)

Needless to say, I was so thoroughly stuffed that the breakfast lasted me till dinner time. Yes, and I had my breakfast at 8am-ish. Ha!

Have heard that the place is no longer the quiet space it was (then again, most cafes aren't nowadays). We were there at the opening hour, so it was not too bad, the crowd was not in. Yet. I wish more cafes have earlier opening hours. I wouldn't mind waking up early to check out new spots in the morning. It's a good feeling to start the day early, so you can accomplish more stuff for the remainder of the day. Isn't it?


  1. Oh yay, you went back! And liked their new waffles! Something about others liking the same food as me that makes me happy hahaha.

  2. Nope, sadly I haven't tried many waffle places. I must try that soon (and Creamier :P)!!


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