About Me

Hi, I'm Michelle. I adore vintage and pretty things, and thus, the name "vintagetrinkets" for the blog.

I love to be in the kitchen, primarily to bake, rather than to cook, as evident from the many sweet stuff that I churn out frequently. As you might already have noted by now, I sorta have an insatiable sweet tooth.

I've never had any professional culinary training, but I used to secretly wish that I can drop everything and enrol in Le Cordon Bleu or some baker school of some sort. My interest in baking started during my university days in Aussie, since I had plenty of time at hand (what with my three-school-days-a-week semesters).

Besides pottering around the kitchen in my free time, I also like tinkering with my camera. While I'm not a professional photographer by any means, I do love to play around with light, angles and subjects. Although my area of interest lies primarily in food photography, I also enjoy taking travel photography shots.

I've always loved traveling and have traveled to quite a few places (not as many as I would love to though!). I tend to make several vacation trips per year, to curb my constant wanderlust. The world is so huge, there's tons of wonders out there to explore! The blog is also a platform for me to share and document my travel logs through my lens so that I can look back and remember the fun times I had on vacation.

I hope you enjoy the reads here. Drop me a mail if you like! :)


  1. Hey Michelle,

    I just wanted to bring this post to your attention:

    This person has been using your photo, I'm pretty sure,
    without your consent, and even had the nerve to add their own watermark to it.

    I figured you might want to have that removed... see this
    page if you need help with that : http://automattic.com/dmca/

  2. Hey thanks much Sonia! I must admit I've been neglecting this space for a while so I didn't see your message till now. I've never encountered such an issue before wow, I'll be sure to fill in the form that you've attached above. Once again, thanks for the point out! You have sharp eyes indeed to recognise the photo. :)

  3. hi Michelle,
    I just saw your mini red velvet picture you made for your friend's wedding. Will you post the recipe later? I would love to make those and bring to my friend's house for bbq, but i am worried about the frosting. As cream cheese frosting should be always kept in the fridge, but there's no fridge in the bbq area. So when i saw your picture you served the red velvet in open area so i thought i should ask you how did you do it to keep the frosting from meling?
    My friend has many time asked me to bring red velvet for her but i am afraid i will dissapointed her if the frosting melts. Btw i live in singapore too with humid weather and hot unless its raining the weather will coll down a bit.
    Thanks in advance :)

  4. Hi Charine, sorry for the late reply as I just saw your message. You could try the recipe I used for red velvet cake, it's up on the site alr! Hmmm, cos for my friend's wedding, I actually went a lil later, and when I arrived, I passed the cupcakes to the staff to store in the chiller first and we brought it out only nearer to serving time. :) You could let your friend know you might arrive a lil bit later perhaps? Or another suggestion is to use freezer packs to keep the cupcakes chilled? Hope it helps!

  5. hi, i chance upon your blog recently, very nice bakes you have! btw, I saw that you're intending to travel NZ this year, just wondering if you mind sharing some itinerary, i'll be heading there too :)

  6. hello there, i am intending, but no travel plans have been confirmed at the mo, so i havnt actually done any research unfortunately. :)

  7. Hi Michelle thank you for your suggestion. I will try to keep in the fridge first before serving. Btw in your recipe list, there are 5 recipe that i cant click. There are the first 5 from top :
    Hidemi Sugino's Fruit Rouges
    Earl grey chocolate raspberry entremet
    Hidemi Sugino's Mariee
    Meyer lemon loaf cake
    Chocolate rum caramel upside-down pear cake

    Is it only me that i cant see your recipe or there's something wrong about the link?

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Stumbled onto your blog through a pin of your beautiful 'Purple sweet potato mantou-s'. I am also a Singaporean but have been living in Europe for some years now. LOVE your pics, will continue to follow your blog. (I also have a terrible sweet tooth!) I miss food in Singapore often! I wish I could make your 'Purple sweet potato mantou' but I wouldn't be able to find purple sweet potato here. I might try it with the normal orange sweet potato! I also really like mantou-s since I was young! And I know a very good friend here who would love to try some sweet potato mantou-s! :) Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Hi Ping, woah, I just came back from a Europe trip in Feb and wow, you're lucky to be living there! So much to do and see (and eat). You can also try it with pumpkin if you can't find sweet potato - I've used pumpkin before and it tastes just as good. :)

    2. Hmm... Michelle, ya I guess I am quite lucky... Though I also quite miss home sometimes (being away for some time helped me realise the positive things we have back home)! Yes, there's often a lot to do and see because it is quite easy to travel within Europe. Europe in general is beautiful!
      Yup, I will try it with pumpkin, hope I still find it now, it is not really in season anymore now...
      Ah, too bad I didn't know of your blog before your Europe trip, else would really love to meet up with you! :) Did you visit Italy on this trip? I am actually living in the north of Italy, in a city not far from Milan. Would love to keep in touch with you, if you wouldn't mind and get some cooking tips & photography tips from you, I really really admire your pics!!! :D Take care!


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