Saturday, September 13, 2008


When I think of eclairs, I think of Beard Papa. I'm not really an eclair person. I'm more into other baked goodies like cakes and brownies and whatnots. However, the only eclair that I remember being really into was the ones from Beard Papa. I recall the first time I tasted it, it was at the Takashimaya basement outlet. I ordered one (measly small piece it was, that costs me about two bucks) and took a bite out of it.

I was hooked. The creamy chocolate cream (I normally detest cream of any sort) that simply melts in your mouth - I still remember how happy I felt eating it - and then proceeded to declare it my pick-me-up treat. It was back in the secondary school days I think. And for a period of time, whenever I dropped by town, and if I was feeling low, an order of Beard Papa's chocolate eclair was sure to be on the list of things to get. A mouth of that yummy dessert and I'm all perked up (I reckon it's my inner happy endorphins that got a kick out of all that sugar rush...).

I was browsing through all my favourite food blogs as usual, when I saw the Daring Bakers baked good of the month - Pierre Hermé chocolate éclairs. Since I am experimenting with different baked goodies lately, I decided to make it for fun's sake. I used the choux pastry dough as per listed, made a batch of almond pastry cream (that's simply to-die-for) and topped the treat up with melted 70% lindt dark chocolate before adding chopped pistachios/a raspberry to the eclairs.

Of course, I hurried to complete the pastry in hopes of snapping some pictures of it before the sun sets as my digital camera sucks at night photography (do I hear a new camera hollering my name?). I was lucky (since I did the almond cream the day before, I only need to make the pastry today), I managed to get in some day shots of the completed goodies before passing the sweets on to the housemates. (:

Chopped pistachios atop an eclair.

Almond pastry cream. Lusciously divine.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pictures 13


Lemon bars and brownies made about two weeks ago for well, Fiona's birthday.

210808 bento: Inari sushi, tomatoes, broccoli, miso chicken

220808 bento: Furikake rice, broccoli, grilled salmon and loads of water. I borrowed the interesting book from the library, but a pity I couldn't finish it in time before the due date...
Berries custard tarts which were so easy to make using frozen puff pastry. Simple dessert ready in less than half an hour (could be).

280808 bento: Beef rolls, steamed veg, bean sprouts, basmati rice and tomatoes
Woo Aa's friend bought her a big strawberry shortcake. We all had a slice. yums.
290808 bento: Brown rice, beef rolls, strawberries and orange.
Ingredients in making...?
Here's a clue...matcha powder...
Matcha cookies. (: For Silvia's 22nd.

I think I'm getting into that whole "k-let's-find-suitable-props-and-bg-deco-to-match-the-food-to-snap-pictures" mode.
It's lucky how the house has these petite elegant teacups and matching saucers. Jasmine tea and matcha cookies shaped in poker- card shapes.


One of my favourite shots. What do you think?

030908 lunch: Canned salmon, tomato, butter lettuce on nine grains bread
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