Monday, August 30, 2010


It was my first time at Resorts World. The place was seriously packed. You can tell by just looking at the carpark. All the lots were full and alot of cars were parked illegally. Sheesh.

Anyway, back to my first glimpse of RWS, I was there to have dinner at Palio. Daddy had made a reservation there cos he say we can head to RWS to "take a look". Everything was spanking new and sparkling clean (yeah, it's new. Wait another 2 years. haha.). And the people oh the people. There were many tourists, from China and Indonesia (from their looks and accents), and alot of local families just probably doing the same as us, going there to "take a look" and walk around. ;)

We walked through Hotel Michael (haha, owned by my dad, the one named Michael. Okay, that was so not funny.) Anyway, we walked past Singapore's one and only Victoria Secret's store, and it wasn't looking very good man. The selections were SPARSE to say the least. I reckon people are better off just buying the goodies online. Much wider range of goods. ;)

 I digress again. Back to Palio. Dinner time.

Palio @ Resorts World Sentosa

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bakerzin (again) and (again)

I happened to lay my hands on some Bakerzin vouchers when they were having discounts on several of their desserts (six macarons for $6, and promotional prices for their cakes). Within the month, we used the vouchers on two occasions -

Macarons (L to R) - Teh Tarik; Lemon Cheesecake; Blueberry; Whisky; Mango; Sakura

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Movies and muffins

There's been plenty of good movies lately. Not that I'm complaining.

I've watched three movies in two weeks, two of which were watched on consequent days at one shot. I caught the Swedish film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which was awesome kickass. I heard Hollywood's gonna remake the show? I don't think I'll watch the remake. Like the original is always so much better. Like I mean, look at Hollywood's remake of other foreign films such as the Japanese "The Ring" or the Korean "Il Mare" *coughs*). And also, the American actress they've chosen to play the lead character, Lisbeth, just looks so tame in comparison to the Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace, who was totally totally right for the character. She got herself immersed in the role completely. From a non-smoker, she started smoking ciggies like nobody's business, and those piercings? Real. She is like super unrecognisable from her pre-movie photos. Like I said, kickass. The movie is based on a set of trilogy books, so I can't wait to watch the other two movies when they show. Hmmm. Still thinking if I should read the books...

Superb performance by lead actress, Noomi Rapace

Monday, August 23, 2010

Flor Patisserie

Blogging may have its perks at times. I made a new friend through blogging, who share similar interests in baking and Korean food. (: I met up with Evan (bossacafez) from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings one weekend last month to try out a relatively new dessert place - Flor Patisserie. The chef behind the patisserie recently just opened his shop after leaving Patisserie Glacé, another well-known pastry shop I've yet to try (note to self: shall walk over there one day during lunch time to grab some of the goodies).

Flor Patisserie

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Exploring Singapore: Haji Lane

Ever since getting my DSLR, I've always wanted to walk around my lovely little city. The small red dot on the globe that my friends and I are always grumbling "is so boring and there's nothing much to do". As a Singaporean, I'm sure I'm not the only one who never really goes out to explore the sunny island with its numerous small interesting suburbs - ethnic localities, modern architecture, traditional structures and so on.

On weekends when I spend the whole day at home doing nothing but staring at the computer screen surfing net (so much for resting my eyes after a whole week of the computer at work...), I'd think my fat ass will rather thank me for bringing it out for a walk, together with my camera in hand. Exploring Singapore seems a pretty fun idea for boring weekends, and what's more it can be counted as a form of exercise since you'll be walking alot for a few hours to learn new things about the small red dot.

Haji Lane. The well known artsy to go place for any respectable fashion junkie who likes quirky, off-beat designs from local designers (or to check out the brick and mortar shops of the ever ubiquitious Sg blogshops peppering the websphere). Sis and I went there a couple of months ago just to check out the area (think Haji Lane and surrounding streets) and to snap some photos. The pictures were languishing away inside my hard disc, totally forgotten till I've recently went on an "Exploring Singapore" trip with my buddy (to Chinatown, which shall be in another post) two weeks back. So here they are! Haji Lane, through the eye of my lens.

This way to Haji Lane...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Berry ice cream and cinnamon walnut palmiers

I had leftover puff pastry in my freezer for god knows how long. And I don't think anyone in the family, aside from me is a huge fan of puff pastry.

I was going to use up the leftovers to make palmier cookies. The pretty ice cream sandwich cookies seen here made me want to make my own too. I had leftover cream from making the chocolate mango mousse cake, and Sis was leaving for her America trip, I wanted to finish the cream quickly to make an ice cream for her to try before she left. The cookies will be made only after she's gone, cos she's not a puff pastry lover anyway.

The below ice cream sandwiches? For me and me alone... 
Berry ice cream and cinnamon walnut palmiers

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chocolate mango mousse cake

It was my one of my girlfriend's birthday, and we were all meeting to celebrate the belated birthday of her and another girlfriend's birthdays. so I decided to make a little something just because she's special. (:

I knew the girls probably don't really like sweet stuff muchos, so I made a small cake, then cut it smaller still to bring and share among the six of us. Haha. I was afraid if I brought the whole thing, they would have to stare at it and will themselves to finish it. And we were already meeting for dinner, so it would be silly to bring a huge cake cos our stomachs will be full already from said dinner.

I chose to make something with mango, because a few months ago, Daddy went Thailand for business, and came home laden with a kick ass box of fruits. Correction. Kick ass box(ES). Totally madness. He bought like a few excess boxes of mangoes to give out, but afterwhich, we were left with like a full box of mangoes, mangosteens, jambus, rambutans and some other stuff I might have missed out (me having a lousy memory). We were eating mangoes daily to the point that we were kinda scared of them. So I decided to cut a few mangoes and freeze them for future use. ;)

Chocolate mango mousse cake

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cherry crisps and a new book

It's cherries season now. Hooray for that. I simply love popping those bright chirpy looking fruits into my mouth. The taste of exploding cherry juice on your tongue - priceless. Pity about the pits though. Someone should just cultivate seedless cherries already...(think seedless grapes). ;)

Rainier cherries

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I think the time I spent watching TV yesterday way surpassed my monthly TV watching hours. Ha! I just left the TV alternating between AFC and the Food Network Asia for the most part of the day (and night snorts).

But hey, look at it this way, at least I'm making sure we get our money worth of paying for the cable TV subscription...hehe.

Anyway, Japanese food. Again I know, Well, sorry to disappoint, Daddy loves Italian, Sis loves Japanese. Me? I pretty much like most cuisine except for a few (Malay, Indonesian - probably cos I'm unfamiliar, and also, they can be pretty oily at times...) So, most of the time, we end up eating Italian OR Japanese for our weekly dine out sessions. Or Brunch. Or Dimsum. Heh.

Tetsu @ Tanglin Mall

Thursday, August 05, 2010

National Day Weekend

It's going to be a long weekend because of the National Day holiday. I can't wait! Lots of foodie plans. ;)

Today - Dinner with the mates at our fave fish soup place.

Saturday - Late brunch/lunch session @ home with Sis and her friends + Macarons making session.

Monday - Korean BBQ (samgyeopsal) at home!!! I'm planning to try my hand at making alot of banchans. Think:

Beansprout side dish
- Dried anchovies side dish
- Cucumber side dish OR Seaweed side dish OR a combination?
- Spinach side dish 
- Fish cake side dish

Not to mention, I'm going to make a fresh batch of kimchi, to make kimchijeon. And what's a Korean feast without some Kimchi??? Oh my god, this is so friggin exciting I can't wait. Wonder if I'll have the stamina to make all the above I've mentioned...We'll see. ;)

Update @ 11.55pm: SO sad. Apparently Monday we gotta "bai bai", meaning the normal Buddhist prayers where we gotta cook up a feast to offer to the deities/ancestors. Meaning I can't have my Korean feast this weekend cos we'll probably have a huge load of food left for dinner. :( Guess samgyeopsal must wait till next week then. Bah. Oh well, I'll just make my kimchi then. Meh.
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