Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I've been going on Saturday breakfast dates with my good friend. She's working in the F&B industry, thus her working hours are Mon-Sun, except for a weekday off when the cafe closes. It's hard to meet up with friends now that everyone is having differing schedules, so I think it's good that we both make the point to catch up (and also, to check out new cafes!).

So how early is our breakfast dates though? We normally meet around 7.30am - 8am, so we're constantly looking out for cafes that open that early. One of my favourite breakfast place that we've been to recently is Gæst. So much so that it's jumping the queue of all my other pending posts as I can't wait to share how awesome the food here is.


Gæst (pronunciation is neither 'Gay-ears' nor 'Ga-ears', it's simply - 'Guest'), which translates to 'Guest' in English anyway, is a less than six months old Nordic deli located in the CBD area. There are so many new dining spots popping up around the CBD area I'm kinda jealous I'm not working around there. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I used to work around that area a few years back, but I didn't have a car to drive to work then. And now, though my work area is non-central, at least it's pretty near my house, and I drive to work. So there.

Coffee is not bad. I thought initially that it would have some acidity as I spotted a few "bubbles" on the surface of the coffee, but there was not much acidic notes to it, which is a thumbs up in my book.

We ordered two plates to share, one of them being the above Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon. The eggs were creamy soft and the smoked salmon was not too salty. We both gave the smoked salmon thumbs up. It was pretty interesting that they added pearl barley to the salad, adding a slight nutty crunch. The salad dressing was a tad tangy, but it's okay cos I much prefer a tangy dressing over a creamy one.

Brunch Plate

The Brunch Plate was so worth its price. The portion of the Brunch Plate(s) was ginormous to say the least. It was so huge that they split the food between two plates. We reckon that it would be hard to finish it all by oneself (or maybe it's possible, if you're a huge eater). My friend and I were both swooning over the bread, and the ultra delish accompaniments. The sourdough was a big thumbs up (read that it's baked inhouse!) from both of us. They were generous with their portions of the four different spreads - the rhubarb compote, brie, cream cheese and caramel. I paired the rhubarb compote with the brie, and the cream cheese with the caramel. My my. How do I describe the flavours? Hmm, would you believe me if I say it was like 'ah, so this is what love tastes like', if it ever was a flavour that is. Trust me. I've never had such a good breakfast spreads combo. I want to replicate it at home!!!

The Brunch Plate also came with a Danish style omelette with potatoes, bacon and tomatoes. It's the first time I've ever eaten potatoes within an omelette. I mean, the usual fillings are mushrooms, cheese, chopped veggies such as carrots, onions or capsicums. But potatoes? It's surprisingly good, though like I said, it makes for a really filling breakfast (if it's for one person).

We both really loved the food there, and the girlfriend even told me recently she went back again after our visit and tried the Poached eggs with Eggplant and Goat Cheese (*makes face - I hate eggplant and goat cheese and would totally never order that dish haha*), which she said was awesome. I'll just take her words for it, I'm more inclined to go back again to try their pork sandwich. I read online that the place offers lunch sandwiches (four varieties) and they tend to sell out quite fast. I've seen photos of the pork sandwich, and it looks really good.

The staff were friendly, and the place was quiet (oh well, it was 7.30am on a rainy Saturday morning). It was a morning worth waking up for for some good food and company. Here's to having a few more good Saturday morning dates!

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