Thursday, May 02, 2013

Baker & Cook

I was supposed to meet some friends for lunch on a weekday at Omakaze Burger during the CNY period. Alas, the place was closed (we didn't check the website), and we had to think of an alternate lunch venue on the spot. I suggested Baker & Cook since it was relatively near by.

Baker & Cook

The bakery was actually quite packed when we got there, but we did manage to grab ourselves indoor seats at a large communal table.

Skinny latte
Sweet goods on offer

Savoury goodness

We got a variety of stuff to share as usual. There was the quiche, served together with a side salad (you can choose from what's avail - we chose the wild rice salad that day). It was not bad if I recall correctly.

Eggs benedict; Pancakes stack

The food here in general was pretty good, it was tasty yes, but nothing tasted exceptionally good. One thing I remembered I absolutely loved was the homemade jam though. My fave was the raspberry one, while one of the girlfriends loved the apricot one. They serve it at the table to pair with whatever bread you have ordered. It's a definite must-try. 

So I guess it's still a place worth visiting if you are around the area? Parking can be a problem though, so head there early to beat the crowds and grab a parking lot. 

Really yums B&C homemade raspberry jam

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