Monday, May 13, 2013

Hansang Korean Restaurant (한상)

I'm already having withdrawal symptoms for  Korean food. Sigh.

Before my trip, my girlfriends and I met up for a birthday celebration dinner at a Korean restaurant.

Hansang Korean Restaurant (한상)

There's actually several new restaurants at the Turf Club Grandstand. Hansang Korean Restaurant has three other outlets, and just opened their biggest outlet at the Turf Club Grandstand recently. We went on a weekday night, thus the place was relatively empty.

I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the menu because the photos were just gorgeous. Then again, I always thought that Korean food is a myriad of fresh jeweled colours, thus it is certainly nothing new.

닭 불고기 (Chicken bulgogi)

Since we were a party of six, and we were starving, we decided to order a few sets to share. We ordered a pork bbq set, a plate of mixed beef, and a chicken bulgogi. The pork bbq set came with a few other dishes such as  some mixed jeons, japchae, salad, kimchi chigae and a sweet potato rice dish (didn't took a picture). In fact, since the portion for the bbq set was technically for three pax (and it was non-refillable), we ordered a regular portion of japchae and a kimchi jeon because they were so delish.

Pork bbq set platter
Mixed beef platter

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. We happily barbequed our meats with gusto, polishing it all off, together with our other dishes too. So by the end of the night, we were truly starved stuffed. I'd definitely recommend Hansang at the Turf Club Grandstand for Korean food, given that the place is relatively new and the crowds have yet to descend upon this place. Also, it's located in the West, another thumbs up since I'm a westie. ;)

Now, the next Korean place I wanna try is Gangnam Style BBQ at Rail Mall...

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