Saturday, May 25, 2013

Strictly Pancakes

We strictly had only pancakes at Strictly Pancakes. Sorry, just couldn't resist that pun there. It was like totally called for no?

 The Druggie

I remember that day clearly. Okay, maybe not that entire day, but the 10 minutes right before I was due to meet the girls at the cafe. I had drove there and was scouring around the area for a parking lot. To my immense relief (drivers will well understand the pain of having to scout for a lot), a driver walking on the road signaled that he was going off, so I waited at the side for him to reach his car. The driver, an uncle in his mid forties to fifties, stepped into his car, retrieved something and started walking towards me. When he reached me, I rolled down my window, and he passed me his coupons (about $4 worth!!!) and said I could use the extras he had already torn but no longer need. Now. How is that for a nice and awesome driver (for a change, instead of those reckless or/and inconsiderate drivers that seem to populate our streets these days)? Hats down to him.

Crabcake pancakes

Right. Back to pancakes.

Pancakes at Strictly Pancakes were really decadent. At least the ones we ordered were quite so. I of course, ordered The Druggie. Otherwise known as the plate that spelt "chocolate overdose" - chocolate pancakes, chocolate ice cream on the side and chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes smothering the entire thing. I had half and was almost dying from all that chocolate. It felt like I was on a chocolate drip or something. Ha!

One girlfriend chose a savoury option - the one that came sandwiched with a crabcake. That was pretty delish too from the bite that I had.

My latte which I insist had a "rabbit" latte art
Tiramisu pancakes

Our third plate was the Tiramisu, almost similar to mine, the difference being it was sandwiched with mascarpone and had vanilla ice cream on the side. Equally rich and decadent.

Four of us were thoroughly stuffed to the brim with all the pancakes. The place was pretty popular, there was a queue when I arrived (thank gosh my friend made reservations), and there was still a slight crowd still when we left at about 3pm or so. If you are a pancake fan, you can consider popping by, if not, you can just skip it cos there's not much other options besides pancakes. 

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  1. These pancakes look delicious! It is unfortunate that we do not have pancake shops in Europe like this one.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Yasemin from


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