Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fabulous Baker Boy

I can't seem to keep up with the number of independent cafes sprouting up in our lil island. Ooo, at this rate, does it mean that Singapore will soon catch up with Seoul on being a cafe nation too? The local cafes tend to veer towards food territory (I mean, we're well known for being foodies) rather than the coffee joints favoured by Seoul-ites (who are like coffee people through and thorough).

Anyway, can't wait to make my way through all these cafes! :)

 Fabulous Baker Boy


Towkay Ng's Eggs Benedict
Spiced apple cider pancakes; Chicken leek and potato pot pie

Our brunch mains were pretty good. Thick runny yolks as expected of eggs ben, comforting warm chicken pot pie that taste of home, and lastly, an average so-so only pancakes plate.

Big Lub's carrot cake; Red velvet cake

The cakes here are hands down the moistest cakes I've ever tasted. They were moist till the extend of being downright wet. I mean, I do love moist cakes (who doesn't) but I'm on the fence on whether it should be a thumbs up or down. The cream cheese frosting on both cakes were rather good too, not too sweet, but there was just too much "moistness" going on, I was hoping for some crunchy bits to cut through all that frosting and "moistness". We actually end up not finishing the cakes. Surprising hey since I'm such a dessert person. Nevertheless, feedback from most people who have been there for their cakes is positive, so by all means, don't just take my comments at face value.

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