Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Oh I've definitely heard about Choupinette. Though it's been around for a coupla years now, and it's located in the West near me, I've never visited the place for brunch before. Friends have raved about how the place had the best eggs benedict on seperate occasions. Aha! I now know why I've not gone there before - it's because I'm simply just not a fan of eggs ben.

Anyway, I did managed to finally drop by the place for brunch last month. What else? To try their signature dish of course.


Tempting sweet morsels at the counter

We ordered one eggs ben, and one croque-monsieur to share. I'm no expert at eggs ben, but the eggs ben we had that day was certainly quite delish indeed. Just look at the lava yolk flowing freely out. One reason why I don't particularly like eggs ben is because of the hollandaise sauce smothering the eggs. Artery clogging ingredients aside, I just don't like the too-rich taste of hollandaise sauce in general. But. The hollandaise sauce here isn't overly rich and I happily polished off my share of the dish, trying surreptitiously to lick clean my plate without looking like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. So would I recommend it? Certainly.

The croque-monsieur on the other hand was quite a disappointment. Definitely not a recommended dish.

Would I be back again? I honestly don't know. I can live without eggs ben quite happily, so I see no harried reason to go back again for brunch. I've also heard that their breads are quite good too, so if I head back, it'll probably be to try their breads.

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