Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dean & Deluca

As much as I love food, surprisingly, I'm not someone who will go absolutely nuts over famous new stores opening (so far) on our local shores. Not even when I first heard of Ladurée's opening in Singapore...so needless to say, I wasn't exactly going "wow" when I first heard of Dean & Deluca's opening. The truth was I haven't even heard of the brand before. Ha. Me? A foodie? Yeah right...(not).

 Brunch at Dean & Deluca

I did managed to make my way down eventually though (after all the hoohah fanfare was over that is) because I love nothing but trying out new brunch places.

The restaurant + gourmet food shop was located at Orchard Central, a little outta the way from my usual town malls. I managed to get some photos while waiting for my friends to arrive.

If you cook a lot, which I wish to, but unfortunately does not, this would be a great place to linger. There are just so many gourmet ingredients on the shelves. Then again, just leave me in any supermart and I'll just about react in the same way. It's the innate auntie in me that just squeals at the thought of going grocery shopping. In fact, grocery shopping must be one of my all-time fave activity. Don't you guys all feel the same? No? Okay, it's just me then.

There is quite a wide selection of food on offer, such as sandwiches, salads, meats, freshly baked goods. Not to mention their plated food options on a huge menu board atop the counter area.

Dirty Chai; The New Yorker; American Country Breakfast
Berries & Flap Jacks

I've visited the place twice so far. The first time round, I got myself a cuppa dirty chai (otherwise translated as chai + coffee). It was pretty good actually, though the chai spices were a bit mild.

I was torn between getting the pancakes and the french toast, but upon spying a plate of french toast on another table, I was a little taken aback at how much sugar was on one plate for you know, the first meal of the day. It was just flooded with caramel sauce. Okaaaaay. I'll just leave it for another day instead then. Thus, I got the plate of berries pancakes. It was oh so good. The pancakes stacked up real good, sandwiched with strawberries and topped with a uber yummy cream. The texture was absolutely fluffy and moist, I mean, just look at how thick the pancakes are! Nothing beats a thick fluffy pancake doesn't it?

The girlfriends got a New Yorker (scrambled eggs smoked salmon on a sesame bagel) and a American country breakfast (aka the usual big breakfast works) and both gave a thumbs up for their dishes. We sneaked bites from each other's plates and agreed that the food here in general was pretty decent.

Another visit; another table full of food
Sautéed Brioche French Toast

On my second visit there, I decided to just throw all caution out of the window and order the french toast. Motto at the moment was probably "Eat first, worry later". And oh boy was it a really really good decision. It was hands down the best french toast I've ever eaten. Just imagine, thick fluffy soft brioche with a crunchy cornflakes crust. Oh-em-gee. I must have died and gone to bread heaven. Add some caramelised bananas, salted caramel sauce and berries. I think I seriously need to recreate this mad awesome dish at home. Wait. Strike that. Perhaps that's not a really good idea. If, and I say if, I can manage to pull this off at home, I'll probably balloon to the size of a pig okay, more like an elephant really. Or a whale, take your pick. But yeah, bad idea...right, right? Tell me again this is not a good idea.

The dish we got that day was not smothered in caramel sauce (good or bad - it can swing both ways), so the sweet salty level was just about right. It is still a really rich dish though, so it is best to order to share. I mean, food always taste better when you are sharing the calories yes?

Wagyu portabello cheese burger

Ditto thumbs up for the burger. A juicy moist meat patty with cheese and mushrooms, you so totally won me over. I had a matcha latte this time round as I already had my morning coffee. The matcha latte was good, but not great. A little too milky, but that is as per most places (I've tried a pretty good cuppa matcha latte at another place - but that I'll leave for another post).

I'd definitely be back again for the french toast if I have the chance...*already dreaming of returning to bread heaven*

Matcha latte


  1. Don't worry, it's not just you - I LOVE grocery shopping too. Even if I've got everything I need for the day, I'll still wander around the supermarket =P haha.

  2. ho. there's just smth about a grocery store akin to a candy store for an adult isn't it? ;)


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