Tuesday, March 16, 2010


On one of the days of my last week at Saatchi Lab, Michelle treated Yee Hwee and I to dinner at Tampopo! On the very same day, because of a colleague's connections, we get half-price dining at Tampopo, so several of the SL people signed up for lunch at Tampopo a week before (Michelle and I included cos we didn't know we were going to plan our dinner on that very same night). So in short, the both of us had Tampopo for lunch AND dinner. Talk about oh mans. Well, it's okay since Tampopo has awesome Japanese food anyway.

I didn't bring my SLR out for the lunch outing cos there were many people around and I was shy. *coughs* Anyway, I ordered the Tonkatsu set for lunch, thus decided to give the Tonkatsu a miss during dinner time. Also, a few weeks ago, I had Tampopo with Jamie and I had the delicious ramen too. So I forego the ramen too. That's good. It means I can get to try new stuff. After staring at the menu for ages, I decided on the Kaisen bento box cos it had a variety of dishes. Michelle was still full after lunch, so she got the roll and cha soba. As Yee Hwee didn't join us for lunch, she chose the Tonkatsu set. Yay. I get to take pictures. Haha.

As YH is interested in photography too, it was no surprise that during our dinner, the two of us whipped out our SLRs and started snapping furiously, while Michelle was just shaking her head in exasperation and waiting for us to finish with our "photoshoot" before she could get to eat. Haha. It's quite fun to have a fellow photographer around me, it's no fun when I'm the only one frantically yelling "STOP! Do not eat first. Let me grab a shot of ______" when I dine out with friends. (:

Delicate tea cup; Sushi handroll; Soba dipping sauce
Cha Soba
Kaisen delex box
Ikura ikura ikura!
Tonkatsu set
Matcha chiffon cake

We had a great time talking over dinner,  and Michelle had us laughing over her way of speech at her past interviews. Seriously, that girl is one funny babe. Totally miss having her around. Think the feelings are mutual. She, for the food I provide her; her, for the entertainment she provide me. ;)

After dinner, we just gotta have something sweet to end the meal. What better to order than the Tampopo matcha chiffon cake. Seriously, you gotta order the cake when you're at Tampopo man. The cake is also available at the Tampopo Deli (located at Liang Court basement), where they sell a wide selection of chiffon cakes and puddings. AND the cream puff to die for.

I digress. Anyway, back to the cake. It's like the best ever green tea cake in Singapore. So far. The cream is not cloying nor overly buttery. Normally, I hate eating cream in cakes, cos they tend to taste really buttery or oily or sweet. Yet, I love the cream in this cake. I can totally scrape the plate clean for the last bit of yummy cream. I think I've convert Michelle to the cake. We ordered two to share between the three of us. In the end, it was more like Michelle and I to one cake (we were full), and YH to the other. Michelle was sneakily snatching bits of cake from YH after we've finished ours. Haha.

Once again, it was a great dinner (free dinners are always good!) and really missed those times out with the SL people. Shall date them out some time soon again I hope.

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