Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ma Maison & Watami

As usual, I'm way behind in posting my pictures, and my friends have been grumbling (good-naturedly?) about it. Well, I think it's time to do something about it, so here are some pictures with friends who were back from Aussie. We met up like a month ago while I was still interning, and it was on consecutive days, at Clarke Quay's Central Mall (near my work place) and both Japanese dining places.

Mel was supposed to meet us on the night we were going to have Ma Maison, but she had something on, so she had to give it a miss (it's okay dearie, we managed to meet up the next day for lunch at Watami anyway!). So after work, I met up with the two girls for our catch up session at Ma Maison.

Dining key
Ma Maison

The food was good, it's my second time dining there. Been there previously for lunch with a bunch of university mates, and thought that it was a really cosy place to be. Dining there at night brings the cosy-ness factor up a notch as the dim lighting brings a really romantic feel to the quaint restaurant. I was going to try the paella, but it was to be shared between two people, and the others already picked out what they want (I have lousy persuasion skills I guess sigh) so I decided on the beef hamburger dish. It was nice, but just a tad too salty. Oh well, meat dishes with sauce always tend to be salty so as to match the plain rice served alongside with them. So no complains about the food overall.

The next day, managed to meet the bubbly Mel. She's one girl I totally hit off right from the start of our friendship (through a mutual friend of ours). We don't meet up very often since she graduated from UQ and moved to a different state for her Masters (she's in Sydney, I'm in Brisbane; now she's still in Sydney, I'm in Singapore). So it was a real friend of her that she made the trip from her place in Bukit Gombak to have an one hour lunch with me during my lunch break at Clarke Quay. Awesome friend I say. (:

Mel's chicken dish; Salad appetizers; My bibimbap

We both ordered Watami's lunch sets, and proceeded to gossip non-stop. Or should I say from the moment I arrived, we started yakking away, had to focus to remember to make our orders, continue yakking, yakking through our meals, and yakking after we finished our food. Haha. Man, it was so sad we only had such a short time to catch up but it was definitely one of my best lunch hour during my internship. She made me laugh so many times over her sillyness. Lol. We didn't get the chance to club the next day cos I had some family matters going on, so that was our only meeting when she came back for the hols. I can't wait till her next trip back. It's going to be fun I hope. We keep saying we want to go shopping, shi-sha-ing and clubbing. Let's hope we get to do it all the next time round! (:

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