Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies

Nothing cheers me up like good old chocolate. In fact, chocolate is good for any occasion.

When I'm upset, my first thought - chocolate.
The week before my period, I crave - chocolate.
When I'm having period cramps, I reach for - chocolate.
When I'm happy, I feel like celebrating with - chocolate.
When I'm hungry, I desire - chocolate.
When I feel cranky, I buy - chocolate.
When I feel bored, I get inspired by - chocolate.
When in doubt, I choose - chocolate.

See? The list goes on. My love for chocolate shows for itself. I reckon if there's one thing in the world I can't live without, it's probably chocolate. How would I survive without knowing it? That's really too upsetting a thought. Let's not think about such depressing thoughts. Let's think about chocolate chip cookies.

This is yet again, another chocolate chip cookie recipe. Yet, one can never try too many recipes to find the perfect one. I can't say these are the best chocolate chip cookies I've made, but they're still pretty tasty nonethless. The brown butter brings out a lovely buttery taste. And with the addition of some coarse sea salt pressed into them when they are still soft from the oven, these cookies taste sweet and salty at the same time. Pretty addictive I must say.

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies
One Bite; Two bites; Three bites; Gone.

There's still an ongoing search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. In the meantime, I'll slowly bake my way through my long stash of chocolate chip cookies recipes I bookmarked. Plus other chocolate- related recipes. There can never be too much chocolate. ;)

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  1. so saaaaad that my mom ate the pie which you baked for cbgang! boohoo i wanna eat your goodies again! and don't worry about giving birth lah hahaha.


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