Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Orange prosperity babies

This girl here has been having an upset tummy for the last five days. Thought that it was something wrong she ate, popped charcoal pills, proceeded to have constipation, popped bananas and yakult and prunes, normal bowel movements except that the tummy still hurts. So. Today was the final push to the Doc cos the pain was getting more frequent and prolonged compared to the past few days of on-off pain. Doc says it's probably gastric (hopefully) and gave me some medicine. It's weird cos we both can't figure out what is causing the gastric pains. I havn't been any drinking coffee, alcohol or eating spicy food (well, in moderation since I love my spice...). He said if it doesn't get better in four-five days, I should go back to him cos it might be some virus thing instead and they have to stuck a stethoscope down my throat. The horrors. Please let whatever is plaguing me to go away soon.

So, what's orange prosperity babies? That's their fancy name I've come up with. What they actually are are persimmon financiers. I know, I'm a sucker for financiers. I mean, when faced with leftover eggwhites, it's either that or macarons for me. And macarons takes up too much time so I favour financiers. I've a favourite recipe base I snatched off from this website and amended it accordingly to whatever fruit I am using. But lately, I'm getting tired of financiers already. Oh no. What else can I do with leftover egg whites???

Plump ripe persimmons

I made these orange cakes during Chinese New Year, where there are an abundance of this sweet fruit. We went to the wholesale markets one night and picked up a case of huge peaches, sweet persimmons, strawberries and other staples like pineapples, mandarin oranges and more. I was visiting a girlfriend's house for a steamboat session one night, so I brought along some of these to share with the girlfriends.

Back to leftover egg whites (again), I just had some in the fridge, and decided to make strawberry macarons using oven-dried strawberries. Alas, I guess my macaron fairy deserted me today. I was feeling unwell, the weather was humid and rainy (which probably caused my macarons not to dry out properly), I think I overfolded my batter with just a few extra strokes (they were bordering on flat with no feet), they had cracks (which I read online that it was caused by not drying it long enough - back to the weather point) and lastly, they tasted a bit weird (too cloying). AARGH. I was so upset that I threw the whole batch away. :( I shall not attempt to make macarons on rainy days. Ever again.


  1. i love your financiers! they're financiers right? where did you get the little square molds, the shape is so pretty & modern :)

  2. Hello! Yes yes, they are financiers. The square molds are from Daiso. My favourit-est place ever for the cutest stuff. ;)

  3. ehh ehh i had this for breakfast the next day! It was damn good!!!

  4. ehh ehh i had this for breakfast the next day! It was damn good!!!


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