Friday, March 19, 2010

Paella, Alice in Wonderland and some date cookies

Caught Alice in Wonderland with Siew last night at Jurong Point. Before that, we met outside Bakerzin. AND. I saw that macarons were their monthly promotion. Needless to say. There is going to be a seperate post on those macarons I ended up buying... ;)

Jurong Point has undergone a huge transformation over the years, with the addition of the new area, and everytime I head there, there seem to be something new - be it the connecting bus interchange, or just new shops. They have several shops I like - such as Mitju and Bysi. What a pity it is located right at the very secluded corner of our tiny island. Tsk tsk.

We settled on Ambush, serving fast European styled dishes at affordable prices. The place was really cute, and I regretted not bringing my camera out for a few quick snaps. They had four different types of single-serve paella! Most places require at least two person minimum to share the Spanish dish, and thus, I've never actually tried the dish before. I didn't have to think long on what I was ordering. Siew ordered sausages, which came with rosti and saukeraut. The food was not bad, considering their prices. The Ambush paella I ordered came in a really cute dish, had sausages, prawns, mussels, shellfish, scallop and was topped with colourful diced peppers. It was really moist though, I wasn't sure how authentic paella should taste like cos Siew mentioned she had paella before and her previous impression was that it was dry. Who knows? I shall attempt to make paella one day. My sister had bought me saffron from her trip to Nepal last year and even though I was so excited, I have no idea what to do with those precious red threads. Haha.

Alice in Wonderland. Now. What should I say about it? We watched it in 3D (My first 3D movie!) and were given really old-fashioned looking red glasses. So cute. There wasn't much of 3D effects, and the movie itself didn't make much sense to me, probably cos I forgot the original story plot (it was way back when I was a kid when I read the book). The Alice isn't even pretty! Hmpf.

Anyways, date cookies! Dates are really sweet fruits, so when baking with them, the sugar proportions can be reduced as the fruit acts as a natural sweet enhancer. These taste similar to my normal chocolate chip cookies, just a tad healthier without the added sugars. I still have some dates leftover, I am hoarding them still to make sticky date puddings. Soon. I hope. (:

The sweet sweet date...

Dates, chocolate chips, oats; Cookies


  1. I like Ambush! I'm a sucker for their Rosti haha. Yay lets dine there again someday!!

  2. Love how beautifully these turned out for you, Michelle. I'm honored that my recipe inspired your baking. Such pretty photos, too.

  3. Cheryl: thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed the cookies :)

  4. Love how beautifully these turned out for you, Michelle. I'm honored that my recipe inspired your baking. Such pretty photos, too.


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