Friday, March 26, 2010


There was a dessert place near my old workplace. Michelle and I had walked by once and brought a cake to share during tea break. After that, we agreed that we were going to dine in there one day. During my last week working there, we dropped by there one day during our lunch hour, and proceeded to have cake for lunch. Who says you can't have cake for lunch? (:


It was a quiet afternoon, and I guess nobody around the area really would do what we were doing and have desserts as our main course, so the place was pretty empty. We had the whole place to ourselves!

Our drinks
Our cakes
Opera cake
I must say that the cakes did look pretty decent, however, tastewise, they are pretty average. We shared two cakes between the two of us. Our previous shared cake we bought for tea (I forgot which one) was a not bad slice, as I remember it had a crunchy feuilletine base. The strawberry cake we ordered was the better of the two we ordered. I can't recall now what it taste like, so I can safely say that the taste wasn't that memorable to begin with. The opera, in comparison, I recall slightly better, as I remember that it was a quite un-opera like cake. The cake was dry, there was no hint of coffee, overall, it was just a passable chocolate cake. I wouldn't have named it Opera. The gold-dusted blackberry decoration was pretty and that was the only plus point. I felt that the sauce drizzled around the plates were also a tad unnecessary as they didn't contribute to the cake taste at all, perhaps a bit for the strawberry cake, but certainly not the chocolate one. Yet we dutifully finished our cakes (our lunch!) and sat there sipping our drinks and chatting till our lunch break was over.

There's other desserts place I've yet to try out and I'm interested to find friends to go with - Obolo, 1Caramel, Gobi and Patisserie Glace. Hmmmmm. I so do love my sweets. (:


  1. OOH! i havent heard of three out of four (: time to go try new places ((: nice photos girl!

  2. OOH! i havent heard of three out of four (: time to go try new places ((: nice photos girl!


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