Thursday, April 11, 2013



One of my girlfriends gave me a dinner treat for my birthday last year at Cocotte. Situtated at the ground level of the Wanderlust Hotel, the place serves rustic French fare amidst a cosy communal dining setting. When I first arrived, I thought that the large round table at the entrance of the restaurant brightened up the place so much with its many vibrant coloured chairs. A group of women soon arrived after and they took up the table - I could so imagine that the table is like a centerpiece of the place by itself.

The dining concept was as such that the dinner set menu changes often, so diners can only choose from a select few dishes. Girlfriend and I decided that we could order different mains so that we could share.

Food was quite good, they serve rustic at-home food, so don't be expecting any sophisticated French dining here. The bread basket was devoured quite happily - the bread was warm and crusty and soft at the same time.

Our mains were quite delicious, we had the steak and fish. I was quite surprised to see a whole fish on the plate since I've not seen a whole fish on a plate served at eateries (except for tze char restaurants) since most places normally serve their fish as fillets or sliced. The Girlfriend deboning skills were awesome, she proceeded to debone the whole fish and left the whole skeletal remains of the fish intact on the plate. Ha!

We finished up the meal with petite madeleines, a blood orange cake and some fruity sorbet. Quite a nice night in all.  I heard their brunch is quite good, will consider popping by some day to try it out.

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