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Seoul 2012: Cafe Hoho Myoll Hongdae

My final post for Seoul 2012, I'll leave it to this gorgeous gorgeous cafe that I had checked out in Hongdae. In fact, I had actually spent about a day in Hongdae cafe-hopping from one place to another. We started first with Paul & Paulina for croissants and ciabatta, then walked around a bit, before stopping at Snow Spoon for a cool bingsoo treat, then made our way to Cafe Hoho Myoll for coffees and a quiche, before ending our cafe-hop at Publique, where we shared an eclair and a croissant.

I had stumbled across this cafe while hunting for cafes to check out in Seoul. I was immediately smitten by the lovely decor and added it to my must-visit list.

When I visited the cafe in Seoul in person, I was even more struck by how adorable the decor was and how detailed the owners were in every little thing. One case in point was the handmade menus. I got my girlfriend to hold it up and snapped sample pages of the menu. Everything was handwritten and the whole menu was constructed in this totally girly crafts-y way. Just look at their illustrated bingsoo photos! So. Cute. I swear I can die just looking at all that prettiness.

The cafe theme probably centred around the Volkswagen van. There was a life-sized Volkswagen van at the entrance of the cafe - it's like the store's key distinguishable highlight. And there were many other Volkswagen collectibles and stuff that peppered the store.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, I went a little crazy just about snapping every possible corner of the cafe. That also explains why Cafe Hoho Myoll deserved a seperate post of itself, just because of the sheer number of photos I wanted to share with you. It was truly the definition of a unique, independent cafe, one out of many several hundreds (if not thousands) of cafes that exist in Seoul. The intricately designed individualistic Seoul cafes make me think that the cafes owners either 1. have a lot of knick knacks on hand, or 2. have a lot of time to pay attention to every single details or 3. just exhibit immense pride in their own lil shop. I wonder which is it.

Thank gosh the number of customers that streamed in were not a lot, given that we were cafe hopping on a weekday. Imagine if we had gone there on the weekend (where there'll most likely be a crowd), I doubt I'll be at ease to just walk around with my finger practically glued to the camera shutter button.

Since we had spent the day mostly eating small bites here and there every few hours, we weren't in the mood to eat anything actually. We each ordered a cuppa coffee (hot latte for me, and an iced coffee for her) and just sat there to rest our feet. However, we got a wee bit hungry and decided to share something. Since we already ate sweet stuff so far, we chose a savoury quiche (instead of the muffins, which online reviews recommended). The quiche tasted great, and it came served with a side salad too.

I'd definitely recommend a visit to Cafe Hoho Myoll because the place is just so nicely done up, and the food was decent too. The bingsoo I saw someone ordered looked delish, pity we were moving on to our next stop so we didn't order that. It would be a nice place to sit and chill for the afternoon. With some friends, or by oneself with a good book.

I've finally posted all the Seoul 2012 photos. Looking forward to sharing my Seoul 2013 photos that will come up after my trip!

Café Hoho Myoll (호호미욜)

서울시 마포구 상수동 93-44 1F (93-44 Mapo-gu, Sangsu-dong, Seoul)
Get there: Get off at Sangsu Station Exit 2, turn left and walk toward Hongik University. You’ll see it on the right.
Opening hours: 11am - 12midnight (not 100% sure on the closing time!)
To try: Quiche, coffee

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