Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Little Part 1 Cafe

Good food, good beer, good company.

Little Part 1 Cafe

Upon discussing with the waitress on which beer I should get (they had quite a nice selection of fruit beers), I decided to try a new bottle that I've yet to see before. Love the name Cheeky Rascal. The Summerberry Cider flavour was sweet (as expected of most fruity beers) and it was quite light, making it a decent beer.

Chicken Schnitzel
Savoury Crepe (I forgot which filling we got! I think it's the Pomodoro Chicken?)

Nothing was especially show-stopping yes, but the food was actually pretty decent in all. I mean, if the food was okay, you prob won't notice or remember much (unless it was spectacular, or horrible).  The only flipside of the dinner I could think of was the sauce that accompanied the Chicken Schnitzel. It was supposed to be some wine sauce or something but it was so diluted and tasted really weird that we left it untouched on the plate. 

A pretty nice place to visit as it is tucked in a quiet spot at Upper Thomson Road (near the Sis's shop!). I totally recommend dinner here then ice cream at NeLi's. :)

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