Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sadaharu Aoki macarons

The weather this week has been really cold. In fact, with the non-stop rain (okay fine, it stopped. Like for what? A few hours? Before resuming again grr.) that has been going on like for the past three or four days straight, I feel like our sunny island is going to get flooded soon or something. If this goes on again for the next coming few days, I think I'm going to run out of clean underwear and laze-around-at-home clothes to wear (supplies are running seriously low, the Sister suggested re-wearing them. :/) cos our laundry (from three to four days ago) had not been able to dry at all!

Even though I enjoyed the cold weather while studying in Australia, I admit that after being back in Singapore for a year plus, I kinda forget Brisbane's winter temperatures. Though not till the extent of being minus degrees Celcius, it was really cold at night (where I'll avoid turning the heater on too much to save money). And now, sunny rainy Singapore is feeling a little like the winter nights in Brissy. Whereby while using the blowdryer after my shower, I'll aim the airdryer at my feet and to keep them toasty warm (albeit for even a mere few seconds). Which was what I actually did last night. In Singapore. I felt like I was back in Brissy again for that short moment. :/

Anyway. Let's talk about something that makes my innards feel warm and fuzzy - Sadaharu Aoki goodies from Taiwan hand carried back to Singapore by my lovely girlfriend! I saw Evan's tweet that there was Sadaharu Aoki in Taiwan, and I was like all, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, really?". I was that excited cos I knew for one thing, one of my favourite girlfriend was holidaying in Taiwan then, so I immediately texted her and begged her to buy some goodies back for me if possible. And guess what guess what guess what? :)

Sadaharu Aoki goodies from Taipei!

I texted the Gf like thrice. The first was the pleading (I even said that I'll pay her back for the macarons heh). The second was the address and the macaron flavours I want. The third was extra flavours should the flavours I want be unavail. She finally texted me back that I sounded desperate. Lol. I'm pretty transparent that way. 

She arrived at my house bearing a bag...containing the macarons I requested, and a box of chocarons as a gift for me! How nice! Being old friends definitely has its perks. Grins.

A box of macarons
Sadaharu Aoki chocarons - Lemon; Raspberry; Chocolate, Matcha

These were so interesting. I read about them online and they sounded so, meh. Like chocolate covered macarons? Doesn't seem like much. Yawns. But when I actually saw them in real life, they looked so adorable that I kinda sighed over them. Yup, you can see that it is true that women are highly fickle creatures.

And they tasted really really good too! I enjoyed them much more then the macarons, which was just a little too mature (I ate them only a few days later after receiving them - Gf stopped by for my Ah Ma's funeral and I didn't have the time to savour/photograph them). The chocarons tasted fine, without any mature-ness issues. I can say that all four flavours were really superb. I shared all my goodies with the Sister. But let's just say that I was just a mite tempted to polish off her share too. I had to resist temptation and stuff the box back into the fridge...

Macarons - Black sesame; Violette; Genmaicha; Yuzu; Cassis; Matcha

The Gf managed to get all the flavours I gave her! Excluding the Earl grey, which they didn't have in the store. Gf came back on a Saturday. I met her the next day, and I only managed to eat the macarons on Monday late afternoon. The macarons were really just a teeny bit too mature as the texture of the shells was already quite soft because of the fillings. But they still tasted awesome. And I like how the macarons were not sweet at all! And the flavours were really clean, without interference from too much sugar. My favorites were the black sesame, matcha and yuzu.

When I asked the Gf what flavours she managed to buy, she just asked me to refer to the tiny square macaron brochure accompanying the box. Based on colours, I had thought that the Violette was Framboise and the Genmaicha was Pistachio (as the brochure apparently didn't print the full list of flavours). No wonder I felt that the "Pistachio" had no hint of pistachio. And the Violette didn't taste like raspberry, but I just could't match a flavour on the sheet to what I was chewing in my mouth. Sheesh. So when the Gf next stopped by to chill, I asked her about the macarons again. And she said that she got all the flavours I texted her. And I was like !!! 

Thanks to my Gf, I've managed to sample goodies by the famous Sadaharu Aoki. I can't wait to BE at a Sadaharu Aoki store personally - think of the many many many entremets that are just waiting for me! 


  1. Wow so lucky !! I am big fans of Sadaharu Aoki but never tried his pastries yet!! Can't wait to visit any of his stores in the near future

  2. i've been following your blog so tt *in case* i go paris in future, i know where to go and what to eat! omg totally envious of u gg to eat ur way thru paris...AGAIN. :/ i'll prob gain weight by my first week, lol. thanks! (:

  3. u prob can get yuzu there easily. jealous. haha.

  4. I love Sadaharu Aoki, too! I'm soon to move back to Paris, and I'm going to live a whole 3 blocks away from this shop :) Savoring all his macarons is definitely a top priority. Lovely photos, btw.

  5. I stumbled upon your post and I was very much entertained :D

    The macarons look awesome !

  6. Yuzu is such a fun flavour to work with... never tried this brand before.


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