Saturday, February 26, 2011


I remembered how excited I was when I first read the news about a new kitchenware store opening in 2010. The new place was to be named ToTT (Tools of the Trade) and was going to be a subsidiary venture from Sia Huat, another existing kitchenware store that has been around for say quite a while.


In fact, one of my secondary school classmate's father owns Sia Huat. Yes, the world is that small. I didn't even made the connection till I saw his FB page. Haha. If I didn't remember wrongly, I think he did mentioned before back in those ol' days that his father "sells cutlery" stuff? Hmmm. Hahaha. What a description. Trivia.


I was at the store the other day and snapped a few quick shots of things that caught my fancy. Just look at the aisle of baking tins and whatnots. If only I had one of every tin there...

Baking ingredients; Flexi-molds

A pity the store doesn't sell gourmet baking ingredients too though. It would easily fit into the theme of the store layout. Just a small selection of quality ingredients would be awesome for those who are shopping and decided on a whim to go home to bake immediately. The flexi molds are super! I want one of each (if price isn't a factor that is). Various entremet shapes possibilities! Ah, well, no I shall be practical. I'm not a pro cook/baker so I don't need those. Yeah, I can only want them. ;)

Lots and lots of tableware...

How cute is that footed glass cake plate with its domed cover?? *squeals*

Animal pancake pan; Popcorn machine

The store has like practically every machine imaginable. From standard grills, blenders, drinks dispensers to the quirky cute animal pancake pan and old school popcorn machine shown above. Adorable arn't they?

SousVide Supreme

The SousVide Supreme is currently retailing at ToTT and it's sorta like a gourmet machine that involves cooking food in sealed vacuumed pouches which are then submerged in a water bath. I like how throughout the ToTT store, they have those little video things going on that shows you how a particular item is used for. A pity that I can't really hear what the video was actually explaining though. Or was it only a visual demo that doesn't include audio? Anyway, additional details about the SousVide Supreme can be found here.

Dream kitchen necessity - a Kitchen Aid!

I want a Kitchen Aid for my future kitchen. Perhaps one in black, or cream, or the one above in fire engine red looks good too. If I can get a row of multi-coloured Kitchen Aids and line them all on the kitchen counter. That would be uber cool... ;)

The ToTT space is quite spacious, and it encompasses more than my pictures tell. It has a small dining area, a children's play space, two cooking studios, a Bake &Go area and not forgetting, the kitchenware and industrial wares area. In my opinion, the items at ToTT are more suited to the industrial customer as they do sell a lot more stuff related to industrial needs. ToTT will appeal to the gourmet cooks as they will probably lust after a lot of the dreamy items they have in store. But I must say that I'm in love with their baking ware section as their selections are really very broad and I don't see some stuff there in other baking shops in Singapore. Now if only I had an industrial sized oven lying around at home...

ToTT is located at:
896 Dunearn Road, #01-01A Sime Darby Building
Singapore 589472
Telephone:  219 7077

Curious about how the cooking studio at ToTT looks like? I attended a cooking class a month ago, more on that in my next post!


  1. oh... so sorry... I didn't get the reply e-mail... He gave me a few suggestions, the first one was to use three tea bags (possibly four) and pulverize them with the almond meal (even if the almond meal is already powdered, or the amount might be too small for the appliance). Another suggestion, was to use one of those hand held blenders and turn half of the tea leaves into a powder, and incorporate them into the dry ingredients...

    Another option he gave me was to use an extract, unfortunately, there aren't that many options for red tea.. and reduce (using at least four tea bags) in a cup of water (boiling) with some sugar, and use that syrup ... similar to your case you could use food labeled bergamot oil in the egg whites, along with the tea leaves .... I used the first method, and I could really taste the red tea.. but I think next time, I'll try adding the syrup and tea (but half of the leaves)... I had an epic fail with my macaron's today... I should have used the thermometer and didn't... it was so sad..they are edible..but ...not picture worthy.. and the yuzu didn't come through enough...

    Feeling too frustrated to try another batch... let me know which works best for you = )

  2. hmmm? and what's the solution? i'm curious! (:

  3. ah no, secretive for what lols. i tot i told u i went tott for class the other day u were here.

  4. woah u went for the class, nv tell me! so secretive ah? heh.

  5. See this is like a child in the candy shop.... my eyes are popping out... OH... I read you woe's about your tea macaron's and asked my Pastry Chef Teacher ..... and I have the perfect solution, you see I had been wanting to make "red tea" macaron's.... and I think you can use the same method.


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