Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Had lunch at Tatsuya a few weeks back. Sis had been there once and she said that the food there was pretty good. Daddy was there, *coughs* so Sis and I shared the Kaiseki set. Heh.

Tatsuya lunch

Ala carte - Assorted sashimi; tempura; lunchbox set

Below pictures are some (not all) of the dishes that were part of the Kaiseki set, and not in chronological order.

Assorted sashimi; Grilled fish
Assorted sushi
Close up on the five pieces of sushi
Tofu; chawanmushi; fried batter vegetables; pudding

In my opinion, I reckon that the Kaiseki set wasn't worth the price it was. The food was average, nothing extremely spectacular. Except for the assorted sushi platter. That plate itself was the best dish out of the whole set. And we had to share each and every single of those five sushi pieces between the two of us. Sigh. But I still recommend Tatsuya though, for their affordable lunch box sets (my Dad ordered one) and  it was a spread. Looking back, I regret not ordering a lunch box set too. :/

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