Sunday, January 30, 2011


Recipes for tarts always yield more than enough dough, and I end up freezing the leftovers for future tarts (although I tend to forget about them for quite a while, and by the time I get to them, the dough has turned slightly dry when baked...). What do I do with the leftover dough I had from making my recent lemon tart? I made little tartelettes. And I didn't freeze them this time, I just baked them all at one go. Haha. Abundance of tarts in my kitchen that week. ;)

Peanut butter banana and Nutella banana tartelettes

Peanut butter and banana is a classic combination. It works really great in the sandwich form, so I reckon it should be fine as tartelettes form. In fact, I'm thinking of trying out a peanut butter and banana macaron in the future! Sis should be pleased, she loves peanut butter...;)

So anyway, I baked the tartelettes shells, and when they are cooled. I filled them with some caramelised banana slices, and topped it off with a dollop of crunchy peanut butter/swirl of nutella. Simplicity works.

Hazelnut gelato

Sis was asking me what flavour ice cream I want, so we discussed possible flavours that she's yet to try out. In the end, we decided on hazelnut. Oh my gosh. The hazelnut gelato she made? I dubbed it the best ever ice cream flavour she's made so far. The hazelnut gelato flavour was more pronounced as we added in some roasted chopped hazelnuts during the last minutes of churning and oh my oh my...*Swoons* I can eat the ice cream everyday without feeling sick of it. Sis normally halves the ice cream recipes so what a pity that there was only a miserable half to three quarters a tub full. :(  I can't wait for her to make this again!


  1. This scoop of gelato looks beautiful! Just found your blog and will definitely be back to check out more your photos and recipes - thanks!

  2. thanks, i got molds from daiso for $2 each. (:

  3. hello! skippy's = peanut butter brand that's available locally. yums. i prefer skippy's over kraft (:

  4. Looks amazing. I have really started to love Nutella and have used it in many desserts recently.

    Sharona May

  5. Fantastic pictures! Where did you get the square molds?

  6. wow, this really is a great idea!! :) I lovee Nutella and peanut butter, yummy.

  7. These are adorable Chelle... so cute, I love the square molds as well.... what a great way to use dough. What is skippy?


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