Thursday, February 17, 2011

P.S Cafe

It was my second visit to P.S Cafe. My first visit was a few years ago, to the Dempsey outlet with my Sister. And the only thing I remembered from it was the famed chocolate cake. Standing tall and proud in its display stand, I was wowed by the sheer glamour of the cake. We ordered a slice to split between the two, and even when we were both chocoholics, we couldn't even finish half of the decadent rich slice. Ahhh. We should be thankful for immensely chocolaty desserts...

P.S Cafe @ Palais Renaissance 

While waiting for the past person in our group to arrive, we were starvin' and couldn't resist ordering a plate of the truffle shoestring fries to share. They were nothing like the House version of course, where the truffle smell was impressionable. Truffle smell aside, they were still pretty decent, but then again, when you're hungry, any food in front of you tastes good. ;)
Desserts display at the entrance
Sangria drinks - the white bouquet sangria, the red berry sangria

My girlfriend recommended the white bouquet sangria, and cos I prefer white over red, I ordered the white bouquet sangria, while the other two tried the red sangria, which was berry-ish. The white sangria was pretty good, it tasted more like a soda with fruits instead, as the fizzy component of the drink was quite strong. I love the additions of lychees and longans, and the drink was considered to be quite sweet with the two canned fruits. 

P.S Crispy Onion burger; Portobello mushroom soup
Mushroom wellington

As I was eating vegetarian for a period of time, I ordered the only vegetarian option that appealed to me from the menu - a mushroom dish. It tasted quite good actually, with mushrooms and cashews encased in a crispy pastry case and accompanied with roasted vegetables.

St Louis ribs

We were all too stuffed after dinner and couldn't stomach any desserts. What a pity. I do love my sweets. I mean, I've heard all about P.S desserts - the ginger pudding with the earl grey creme anglaise especially...I want to taste it so badly! Sigh. Perhaps the next time? Soon? :)


  1. OMG! i love these pics! AMAZING!

    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  2. I really like the handwriting on the cafe chalk board... I'm quite fond of type.


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