Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Landing Point

I had actually composed a few posts and was going to publish them, but postponed them as the past week has been quite somber due to the passing of Singapore's first Prime Minister, Mr LKY. Most social media platforms were quite subdued and were swamped with articles about the man, and his contributions to building Singapore into what it is today. The national mourning week brought Singaporeans from all ages, races and religions together, to grieve for the man who had transformed our little red dot into the thriving metropolis it is today. Articles were strewn over the newspapers and online media replaying the man, his policies, his vision. There were also touching articles depicting the softer side of Mr LKY, such as those on his love story with his wife. It was also heartwarming to see the people stand together united in this moment, to read in the news media about little acts of kindness that was shown among strangers. Brave on Singapore, for we shall "look at that horizon, follow the rainbow, ride with it."

On a less serious note, I shall be posting quite frequently in April, cramming as many posts as I can, before my next vacation in May.

 Weekend high tea at The Landing Point

The words "high tea" makes me think of "dainty little morsels perched onto tiered plates, paired with sips of tea, poured from a quaint teapot". It is a very taitai-ish activity, so I often imagine perfectly coiffed women lounging on padded sofas, conversing with their friends over a perfectly set up high tea set. I don't often go for high tea, but for my birthday month last year, I did tried two high tea buffets and I found both quite nice.

The high tea set was served on a three tiered plate lined with various mini delectables. There was a range of savouries (mostly on the middle tier) - from mini quiche and tarts to cheese crackers and sandwiches. The sweets (on top and bottom tier) - included canneles, eclairs, cakes and mini sweet tarts. Even though I'm usually a sweets person, I think I preferred the savouries to the sweets in this high tea set.

This was my favourite out of the savouries - the lobster tartelette - a crunchy shell filled with sesame lobster filling. Other favourites include the cheese and fruit jelly on crackers, and the truffled egg mayo open faced sandwich. The duck mini burger was also surprisingly good - I normally shun away from duck, but the duck tasted like shredded chicken. And well, truthfully, it was those mini brioche buns that captured my heart.

The high tea set came with a few choices of drinks - coffees, teas or hot chocolate. The teas were TWG teas, and there were several selections available. The first time I was there, I chose the Fullerton Express Tea. It was alright, but I much prefered my friend's Silver Moon. I didn't know then that you could request to change between coffees and teas, and even change your choice of tea throughout your high tea session, so I only drank the Fullerton Express Tea that day.

I was there for high tea again in January for a hen's party, so my friends and I chose a few different teas each time, swapping with each other just to try out the variety. I think Silver Moon was still my favourite of the lot.

Scones - choice of plain or raisin

I think the high tea set was pretty decent, considering that the food and drinks were refillable. There was also a pretty nice view of the Marina Bay across (if you are seated alongside the window). Oh, and there was also the melodious tunes tinkling from a pianist who played from time to time on the piano placed discreetly to the side. The staff were friendly, and readily refilled our food and drinks promptly when we requested. Definitely a nice place to just sit and chill (and imagine that you are indulging in the taitai lifestyle, even if it was just for a day. Ha.)

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