Wednesday, April 08, 2015

On The Table

I've been to OTT for countless of times already, say, perhaps slightly more than five visits? It's probably one of my to-go cafes (hey it's a west side cafe!), alongside The Lokal, Assembly Coffee and Pacamara, whenever I'm lazy to think of new cafes to try out.

Mushroom Monsieur; Salmon & Mushroom Truffle Cream  Linguine; Tomato Swimmer Crab Linguine

It's apparently opened by the Lola cafe people - which I've yet to check out, cos its location is v v far from where I live, so OTT suits me right to a T.

Fries with truffle mayo; Chai latte
Mushroom Monsieur; The Big One and Prawn Aglio Olio  

You'll notice that the mushroom croque monsieur appears frequently in this post - yeps, most of the time I'm there, it's my default to-order dish. It's really filling, and the price for the dish is pretty wallet friendly too.

Waffles with salted caramel ice cream

The eggs benedict was one of the better ones I've tried in Singapore. The poached eggs are always perfectly cooked and will flow crazily when prodded with a fork.

Eggs benedict

Ultimate croissant; Waffles with Bailey's Brownies ice cream

The croissant with scrambled eggs is also recommended. The scrambled eggs were creamy and not dry at all (I hate places that serve overcooked scrambled eggs), and the croissant was really buttery and flaky. Nice.

Mushroom Monsieur and The Table Salad

They do have a pretty nice selection of beers and ciders at the back of the cafe, and when I brought my colleagues there for lunch one afternoon, they bought some interesting ones. You could browse the rack, and the prices for each bottle is listed in chalk right on the rack edges.

Crispy Honey Wings

Not sure if these are made the same recipe as the ones that Lola is famous for, but they are finger lickin' good.

Their pastas are also pretty good, as I'm not a cream based pasta fan, I'll probably recommend the swimmer crab linguine over the mushroom truffle linguine.

 Tomato Swimmer Crab Linguine; Salmon & Mushroom Truffle Cream  Linguine

Triple scoop ice cream tower with waffles

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