Monday, April 27, 2015


Another high tea place I visited late last year - Anti:dote. Well, on my birthday to be exact. Since our office has a birthday-off policy (you can take the day off aside from work exigency), I made plans in advance to meet a girlfriend for high tea that day.

I had quite an enjoyable birthday last year in fact. I slept late, woke up and baked some scones for a late breakfast/lunch snack, had high tea, followed by a sumptuous Japanese dinner at Tatsuya. Yes, as you can see, an enjoyable day for me = feasting.

Anti:dote high tea, 2014
Black truffle scrambled eggs

Both the girlfriend and I chose the Anti:dote High Tea set (the other option being the Oriental High Tea). Both sets were the same, except for the starter dish. For the Anti:dote High Tea, it came with the black truffle scrambled eggs (for the Oriental set, I think it's a trio of mini dim sum morsels). Girlfriend and I were so excited when the eggs came, we were practically cooing over it. The scrambled eggs were presented so beautifully, and when you open the lid, the truffle scent was just "mmmmmmm". It tasted really "mmmmmmm" too. -insert swoon-

You can choose from a selection of coffee, or TWG teas for the high tea set (choose from a selection of teas priced at $11). I forgot which tea the Girlfriend chose, but it was one of the green tea blends that was pretty light and pleasing. I chose the Red Chocolate Tea, which smelled really lovely and sweet. I find that with most teas, the fragrance is always stronger than the taste, which is also the case here.

The high tea set was served via a very pretty make-up box presentation. Delicate sweet morsels were on the first layer, followed by the savouries within the next few sections. There were plain and raisin scones, kept warm in a wrapped tea towel pouch in one of the drawer compartments. In addition, lemon curd, berry jam and clotted cream were provided in another drawer compartment to complement the scones.

Once again, like The Landing Point, the savouries fared better than the sweets here. Loved the Boston lobster roll and the curried chicken open-faced sammie. The rest were just okay. Whereas for the sweets, most were just too sweet. The best were probably the chocolate mirror tart, and the rum baba (where you get to squirt rum into the dessert!). Oh, and unlike the Landing Point where the food and drinks were refillable, only the drinks are refillable (same drink though, and not change of drinks) here at Anti:dote.

The complete tiered set (for two pax)

It was quite a popular place for high tea, for even though it was a weekday, there were plenty of people having high tea there, so do make reservations ahead of your visit. The food was just okay, but the ambience was pretty nice. The highlight of the food was probably the starter dish - the black truffle scrambled eggs.

I've not had high tea much in Singapore, so far, my favourite high tea spot would be The Landing Point (until I try a better one). Hope to try other new places again soon!

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