Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sin Lee Foods

Had dinner with some friends at this cafe some months back.

 Sin Lee Foods
Kitty cat

As it was evening, and I don't take caffeine well after 3pm, I ordered a passionfruit lemonade while my friend got a coffee. The lemonade was refreshing, but not sour as I had thought it would be, the syrup made the drink more sweet than tart.

Aburi broccoli salad

Among the three of us, we got two starters and two mains to share. The broccoli salad was was an interesting dish - the smoky flavour of the torched broccoli florets, coupled with the salty cheese and papadum bits and the sweet red sugar, was a thumbs up from us all. The salted egg sweet potato fries were passable, I loved how crispy the fries were, but as I'm not a big salted egg fan to begin with, I don't have much to comment on the salted egg sauce.

Salted egg sweet potato fries
Soft shell bun

The two mains were both pretty good. Wish there were more red aoli for the soft shell crab bun though. The beef and grains was an interesting dish - I've not tasted orzo before, it tasted like something familiar, yet I can't place my finger on it... Anyway the beef was really delish, and a sunny side egg makes everything taste better. The overall dish was just slightly too salty for my liking, but I guess it's a personal tolerance level for salt. 
Beef & grains

The menu is pretty limited, but they do have pretty unique offerings. One thing to note - I think their specialty is the waffles and fried chicken, but I've read plenty of negative reviews on that so we skipped ordering it. While we were dining there, I saw a table in front of me who had ordered the dish. I didn't quite catch the conversation, but I saw that they had send back the dish to the kitchen (for reasons unknown to me). When the dish was served again, the couple ate a few bites, and just left the dish untouched again. So I guess it wasn't very satisfactory?

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