Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Privé (revisited)

My girlpals and I, we've been friends for ten years already. Not to sound cliché, but my my, time really flies by. For our tenth anniversary to celebrate our friendship, you know, we had such big dreams. We were going to book ourselves a hotel room, and spend our time chillin' out and doing girly stuff. Guess what. As usual, plans took forever to formulate, and time was a tickin', so we resort to scrapping our pretty plan, and just meeting up for brunch instead. What can I say? After ten years of friendship, some things just really never change, does it? :)

Brie-licious Burger

We chose Privé for brunch as it was a pretty nice spot to meet up on a weekend girls out session. I can't believe that I went out with five friends (which totals to six of us), and all five girls ordered the same dish. *face meets palm. Yeps, so five plates of the below big breakfast was served at our table.
Privé's Ultimate Breakkie

Me? Like I said, I was the exception (read = special), I ordered a burger. Not an ordinary burger though. A Wagyu beef patty with brie cheese and poached pears burger (first picture of the post). Yums. The moment I saw it on the menu, I knew immediately what my order will be. I've tried Relish's blue cheese and pears burger once before, and I remembered that it was not to my liking (probably because I'm no fan of blue cheese). This however, was perfectly to my liking. I like milder flavoured cheeses (think Brie, Camembert etc), so that, coupled with the sweet pears, were the ideal pairing. Paired with a superbly executed medium cooked, slightly charred on the outside but moist and juicy on the inside beef patty, it was safe to say that I enjoyed my meal thoroughly.  
Perfect views and lovely weather

I like Privé. It serves pretty decent fare, and the atmosphere in the day and night are both lovely. I also like that it's not situated at a crowded central spot, so it's a little away from all the hustle and bustle. It's a great place to return to for brunch, lunch or dinner.
Happy 10th anniversary dears! Here's to more to come...

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