Sunday, May 27, 2012

Black sesame chiffon cake

And here's another black sesame sweet treat. I still have some more leftover black sesame paste, and I'm thinking of what other black sesame goodies I can make with it...Possibilities are endless but I have something in mind already. Let's cross fingers and hope that when I attempt it, it will turn out fine.
 Black sesame chiffon cake

I really like this chiffon cake. Yet another recipe from my new chiffon cake book, this is a winner. I've added in slightly more black sesame powder by replacing some of the cake flour with it. In fact, if I make it again, I'll further play around with the numbers so that I can maximise the black sesame taste. The black sesame flavour was really strong, and it yielded a moist and tight crumbed texture (perhaps due to the additional black sesame powder?). I also liked its dark grey appearance, what with the addition of the black sesame paste. A recommended recipe for black sesame lovers.

Black sesame chiffon cake (adapted from 好吃戚風蛋糕輕鬆上手)
(makes two 4" mini chiffons or one 6.5" chiffon)

3 egg yolks
70g sugar
50g black sesame paste
50ml water
65g cake flour
22g black sesame powder
4 egg whites

Preheat oven to 180C.
Lightly whisk together egg yolks, 25g sugar, black sesame paste and water.
Add the cake flour and black sesame powder to the above and beat the mixture till it increases in volume and become thick and fluffy.
In a separate clean bowl, using an electric beater, beat the egg whites. When it is at foamy stage, gradually add in the sugar, with the beaters mixing constantly. Whip till stiff peaks to form meringue stage.
Fold in the egg whites in three batches into the egg yolks mixture.
Pour into chiffon molds and bake for 30 - 40 minutes (depending on mold size). Remove from oven. Invert immediately and leave to cool completely before removing from mold.


  1. I adore anything black sesame -- would be very curious to try it in a chiffon cake.  Looks great!

  2. Bookmarked, I have a jar of paste gotten from Hong Kong!

  3. ditto to the adoration of anything black sesame. :D

  4. hey they sell black sesame paste locally too...or is it much cheaper in hongkong?  nevertheless, enjoy your jar of it. it's really aromatic!

  5. Mine didn't rise
    What is the oven temperature to bake this cake?

  6. hey sorry to hear bout that! thanks for pointing out the oven temp i had missed out - it's actually 180C. did u bake at a lower temp?

  7. Yes 180C and it is a bit dry. I want to cook more with black sesame paste and powder but not sure how to to make it more moist thanks for your lovely recipe ideas

  8. Where did you buy the black sesame paste? (:

  9. hi sorry for the late reply - i got it from the supermart near my place. Fairprice Finest. :)

  10. Hi can I reduce the egg whites to 3 instead?

  11. sorry for the late reply! u could try (is it cos u dont want to have excess leftovers? i could totally understand!), but i think the cake wont be as fluffy soft or tall...cos i think the egg whites help make chiffons rise up tall?


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