Wednesday, May 30, 2012

93 DegreesC Cafe

I went for a little "me time" early this month. I thought that it was quite a lovely trip made with me, myself and I. It's been a while since I went out by myself. I used to not mind going shopping or doing things by myself when I was in Aussie, but I rarely get the chance to do so now that I'm back in Singapore and surrounded by people I know.

93 DegreesC Cafe

With the many coffee joints popping up left and right in our sunny island, I decided to visit one that was located in the West to start things off.

It was a public holiday when I planned my "me-time" coffee trip. And I woke up extra early too. So  the coffee joint was empty when I reached there. In fact, it was quite a lazy quiet morning. The whole time I was there, I had practically the whole place to myself, save for another customer out for a morning cycling session who sat outside.

I ordered the big breakfast but I regretted it when it arrived at my table. The breakfast was really plain and I admit I was a bit surprised when I saw the two hotdogs on the plate. It didn't taste quite appetizing, and I didn't finish my breakfast. I shouldn't judge, afterall, I was there for the coffee wasn't I?

The coffee on the other hand, was really quite good. I asked for a recommendation from the owner, Kim Hai. I ordered a double shot flat white. I sat, sipping my coffee quietly while reading a magazine I had brought along, when he came over to ask how was the coffee. He's quite a friendly person and we ended up chatting a bit more about coffee (I'm no serious addict and I'm totally clueless on the blends and the beans and the other whatnots).

Kim Hai roasts his own beans in house, and the coffee I had had a blend of Guatemala, Sumatra and a few other beans. I smelled some of the beans above and certain beans really did have different notes to them (eg, more chocolatey, more earthy). Cool.

My cuppa that day started off a little too bitter for my liking, but as I continued sipping, gradually, the milky flavour seeped in, and it became quite an overall pleasant cuppa with just the right amount of bittersweet taste to it, with none of that awful acid aftertaste that some coffees bring about.

I recommend checking the place out if you're into coffee, but skip the big breakfast and order something else to munch on. I heard from one of my girlfriends who visited there recently that their waffles taste pretty good. Yeps.


  1. Hi Michelle, gorgeous pictures u've here. This place is on my "to go" list for the past 3 months. Till today, I still can't find the time to pay a visit! Haha.

  2. thanks! well, it's a bit outta the way if u don stay ard the area. and u gotta walk in from the main road i think. i hope u visit it soon! :D


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