Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PAUL Bakery (takeaway)

Ooooh, managed to catch a breather. I'm 'sort of' over the extremely busy period at work already, gonna make use of this time to try to upload more of my super backlog of photos that date back to my April Taiwan trip! Wish me luck.

In the meantime, here's some tasty pastries I had (yes, a few months back) form PAUL's Bakery. Yet another big name in the pastries world, PAUL's Bakery, had opened a flagship store in the middle of town early 2012. I've visited it twice already, both times to get takeaways as the queue for dining in was really long and the place was super packed.

PAUL pastries

I didn't manage to grab hold of the  bakery's famed croissants on my first visit, but did managed to bought their pain au chocolat instead. On my second visit, I was at Kinokuniya actually, but on my way out of the bookstore, I decided to just walk by PAUL Bakery for a look. And lo behold - there were plenty of croissants in the glass display. I promptly got in the queue.

Coffee  éclair 

I bought two regular croissants, one coffee  éclair and one mini pain au chocolat (I couldn't resist - It was just too cute!). I split the éclair with the Sis that afternoon, my my. It was quite tasty. The coffee tones were strong, and I thought that the filling texture was really creamy and thick. I found it a tad sweet though. I think my tastebuds are becoming more sensitive to overly sweet desserts. But nevertheless, a recommendation.

As for the croissants, hmmmm. I thought that the texture was great - flaky layers and all. Just that the flavour wasn't that spot-on. It lacked the buttery aroma of a good croissant (if you get what I mean). I want to dine in one day at PAUL as the atmosphere seems quite good for a girly brunch session. *point to note.

Oh, and I hear that Maison Kayser Bakery at Scotts has pretty good croissants. Hopefully I can get to try it soon. Now, why can't Sadaharu Aoki or Pierre Herme open a boutique store in Singapore? THEN, my life will be (sort of) complete.


  1. Beautiful! We have a PAUL here in Washington, and I am yet to go! I will try the coffee eclair for sure! Thanks for the recommendation! Also I totally agree, it is the perfect spot for a girly brunch. I will probably get some take-away too, so that I can photograph the baked goods at home!

  2. i hope u try other goodies too! the other goodies (i.e the tarts) look so tempting in the glass display.


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