Friday, July 08, 2011

Grilled mushrooms wraps

I find that wraps make a really good healthy lunch (on-the-go too, if the need arises). In fact, now that I'm trying to lose weight, I find myself gravitating towards lower carbs choices when it comes to planning my meals. Wraps are quite a good choice (I feel) for my current diet plan.

Grilled mushrooms

I've been experimenting with different fillings, while keeping to the same wholemeal wrap that I got from the grocery mart. The very first time I made it, I decided to make it a vegetarian one by using mushrooms as the main key ingredient for the filling (to reduce my consumption of meat, and at the same time, it requires less marinating work).

Since then, the variable fillings I've also used include Korean marinated spicy chicken, honey dijon mustard chicken, bulgogi styled beef cubes, and even leftovers spicy jeyuk bokkeum from my fave Korean restaurant. I must say that I love all the combinations and never get tired on eating them. There's really an endless possibilities to filling ideas and you can even use leftovers as filling for these. I tend to gravitate towards stuff with stronger, well marinated sauces so that I can omit the step of adding extra condiments.

One thing kept constant throughout is the use of a couple different varieties of veggies. I like my wraps super colourful. Think orange carrots, red and yellow capsicums, green cucumbers and lettuce. I use whatever ingredients I have on hand and I like that I'm on my way to meeting the daily veggie intake requirement with just one wrap. My suggestion for a lighter healthier lunch - one wrap, one (or two) hard boiled egg (yolks removed) and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Trust me when I say that I feel full, but in a good way rather than eating a plate of pasta or rice. In fact, I like how a light lunch helps to keep off the snoozing urges I tend to have after a heavy lunch session cos my stomach has lesser carbs to digest. ;)

Grilled mushroom wraps

Grilled mushrooms
1 pack of portobello mushrooms
3 garlic cloves, chopped finely
olive oil
dried mixed herbs
coarse sea salt and pepper to taste

Line a baking sheet with foil. Gently rub mushrooms with a dry paper towel and slice thinly. Spread the mushrooms out on the foil in a single layer. Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl to form a chunky paste (adjust seasonings according to preference). Using a kitchen brush, brush the mushrooms with the paste. Bake in 1900C oven for 30 min (or until mushrooms are tender and cooked).

Veggie ideas
1 medium carrot, grate using a vegetable peeler
1/3 red capsicum, seeds removed and cut into thin slices
1/3 yellow capsicum, seeds removed and cut into thin slices
1/2 Japanese cucumber, seeds removed and cut into thin slices
lettuce leaves

wholemeal wraps

Roughly wet a paper towel, place a wrap on it and microwave for 10-15s. While warm, place the lettuce in the middle of the wrap. Add the veggies and the mushrooms. Roll up tightly and enjoy!


  1. i like your ideas for the wraps! i usually just wrap shredded roast chicken, lettuce and mayo into mine

  2. I love love love mushrooms! I could eat veggies over meat any day of the week! This looks amazing!

    We saw you on food gawker we are your newest followers! Can't wait for more recipes.


  3. Amazing photos as usual :)

  4. grub: i like shredded roasted chicken + mayo combo too! but im trying to "diet", so no condiments if possible. (:
    amy: thank u! i love mushrooms too but im still a meat lover at heart. ;)
    yue cheong: thanks!

  5. Ohhh yummy! Adding mushrooms to a veggie wrap is the perfect way to add a "meaty" feel without actually including meat! Plus you are adding lots of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants!

    - Brittany


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