Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Graze (revisited)

I've been mostly meeting up with friends at quieter spots I enjoy chilling out at - namely Dempsey or Rochester. Revisited Graze again for brunch with some pals some time back and got to enjoy a chill out session with the ever awesome atmosphere and great company.
Graze again for brunch

As usual, we shared about four mains among three girls. I swear everytime I hang out with that group of girls I gain like weight instantly. The King Salmon dish, featured above, was a let down for me cos I was envisioning soft flaky salmon meat but met up with its evil twin, dry tough salmon meat instead. I do appreciate the fact that they tie up the citrus in a cloth for diners to squeeze though, and I feel that most dining establishments should do that too! It makes eating less messy as the citrus seeds and juice would not fly in all directions.

Signature cast iron pan; Eggs ben with spinach and mushrooms

I finally got to try their big breakfast (otherwise known as signature cast iron pan)! In my previous visit to Graze for brunch, as I was eating vegetarian then, I didn't get to try the very scrumptious looking dish. I thought that this was executed quite well and enjoyed sharing it with my girlfriends.

Old fashioned pancake stack

The pancakes, like the waffles I had previously, came with three "sauces" for dipping, with the addition of bacon to boot. It was okay I guess, doesn't make it into the top three pancake spots in my heart though. I think I would rather recommend the waffles over the pancakes cos the waffles were slightly crispy and tasted lovely with the sauces provided.

I should break out of my routine and look for new brunch places soon!

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