Friday, July 29, 2011

Banana nectarine cherry popsicles

Minimalising usage of the oven is really quite easy on hot and humid summer days. Slurping cold (that's actually stating the obvious cos since when is it hot anyway?) ice cream and taking cold showers, both of which are little pleasures of life.

Instead of gorging on creamy ice cream, I thought that refreshing popsicles should do the trick. I was keen to play more with the popsicle mold that I had just gotten, and after my first attempt at making popsicles, I was all set for further experiments.

Banana nectarine cherry popsicles

Digging around the fridge yield a variety of fruits. It was stone fruits season, so we had some nectarines and the early season cherries. Some leftover fruit juice from the previous popsicles. There was a bottle of yogurt drink too...And why not throw in a banana too while I'm at it? It's looking to be rather a rumble jumble everything-but-the-sink-fridge popsicle. And why not? Popsicles are fun. The more fruits (flavours), the better the party is!

The flavour of this everything-thrown-in popsicle was actually really delicious, and it didn't hurt that the colour was a lovely girly shade of pink. Sis actually preferred this to the previous popsicle (because of the cherry bits). I only had a few cherries on hand, thus I only used a handful, but I reckon that the amount of cherries can be easily increased if you're a cherry lover (oh but who isn't?).

Banana nectarine cherry popsicles
(makes four popsicles and three pop shots)

1 large banana
1 nectarine, stone removed
handful of cherries, pitted
1/2 cup Marigold Peel Fresh no sugar added powerberries juice
1 cup Marigold mixed berries yogurt drink
juice from one small lime (optional, but I added this to keep the banana from browning the final product)

Dump everything into the food processor. Blend well.
Pour liquid into popsicle molds. Freeze until popsicles are set.
Remove molds from freezer, run under tap water for a while for easy removal. Unmold and enjoy!


  1. Mmm these look fantastic -- so many great flavors.  I'm about to post some popsicles too :)

  2. Wow these look amazing but I have a question, so I see you did not use the normal Popsicle molds and this has given me the idea to just use shot glass so I don't have to go out and buy some, however, how do you make sure they don't stick to the glass? Or is that a stupid question?

  3. nope it's not a stupid qn, don't worry. it doesn't really stick to the glass. it's pretty easy to remove popsicles from any form of glass - just run the outside of the glass under tap water for a while (be sure not to let the water have any contact with your popsicles!), and u can easily pull out the pops! try it! ;) 

  4. Oh this looks good.  Love the improvisation on the ingredients and using a glass cup as the mold.


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