Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Berry yogurt popsicles

The weather's been pretty mad hot lately isn't it? I've already moved into my new place officially (though there are still boxes and bags of stuff still unpacked and lying around generally being a huge eyesore...), and since the oven is not yet set up, the first thing I've made here during the past weekend is some chilly treats to beat the annoying heat.

Berry yogurt popsicles

Nothing beats using fresh (and cheap!) seasonal produce. Berries are in season at the moment, and I even managed to snag boxes of blueberries at S$2/punnet at its cheapest price! I bought four punnets, froze two and half punnets and ate the rest of them with my cereal in the morning. And promptly went out to buy some more. The blueberries I used here are still quite cheap, at S$2.45/punnet, considering that when the blueberries season is over, a punnet can easily cost up to S$4.95 and more. Blackberries are also making an appearance in the supermarket aisles, and while not as cheap as blueberries, they are slightly more affordable than my favourite (albeit, expensive) raspberries.

I'm in a popsicle mood and have been wanting to make some myself for ages. When best to make them when I'm surrounded by such sweltering heat daily. It's slightly "healthier" to eat popsicles than the ice cream pops (flash straight to that brand with the dark seductive chocolate covered creamy ice cream - no prize for guessing the brand) that my freezer is always stocked with no thanks to the Dad, who is addicted to eating ice cream after dinner. Popsicles are always in happy, cheery colours of the rainbow and I can't wait to make more in different flavour combinations.

Even though I bookmarked tons of popsicles recipes, in the end, I just came up with a recipe based on my own (uncertain) judgement. I used Elle & Vire yogurt, a new buy for me, cos I've always heard that this brand of butter is quite good and I've never tried anything from the brand before. And I added no sugar juice that I found in the supermarket which sounded interesting as it was made of a myriad of berries - cranberries, blueberries, mulberries, raspberries and Acai berries! So cool. These pops are a bright vibrant purple hue (my favouite colour!) and they tasted really berry-ish (albeit just a little too icy). Perhaps I'll up, or even double, the yogurt amount the next time round.

The recipe I "concocted" made four regular popsicles. I had just a teeny bit excess leftover so I poured them into shot glasses and had enough to make two little pops. For these, I stuck them in the freezer for two hours, and when they were semi-frozen, I inserted the little wooden sticks into them and returned it to the freezer to continue freezing.

Only minor editing - guess which one is raw and which one is edited? :)

Oh and can I just add how much I love the natural lighting my new place offers? Though my room is still in shambles, I haphazardly set up a made shift setting and photographed all of the above pictures in my bedroom (yup, I'm a weirdo for doing that) as I had lovely sheer white day blinds that act as a perfect light transfuser. For this batch of photos, I didn't have to fuss too much with editing. Editing was a straight out breeze. To illustrate, look at the above shot - they look pretty similar don't they? I've only made really teeny changes (changing the shadows/highlights) and that's about it. I hope all my future photos turn out as clear!

Funnily enough that the weather was outright blazin' when I started shooting and right as I was finishing with my shoots, the sky turned uber dark and it started raining. That's how weather here in Singapore is like...unpredictable.

Nom; Nom nom; Nom nom nom; Nom nom nom nom

Berry yogurt popsicles
2 cups fresh mixed berries (I used blueberries and blackberries)
1/2 cup no sugar added Marigold Peel Fresh powerberries juice
1/2 cup mixed berries yogurt

Wash the berries and pat dry. Place in food processor, together with the juice and yogurt. Blend well.
Pour liquid into popsicle molds. Freeze until popsicles are set.
Remove molds from freezer, run under tap water for a while for easy removal. Unmold and enjoy!


  1. Those look so yummy!  We've been making so many popsicles lately so I always need new ideas :D  And I love your photography.  Can't wait to look through some of your previous posts.

  2. These look so beautiful! And Simple! And Tasty! And Colorful! YAYAYAY!


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