Saturday, November 06, 2010


My dear bims wanted to do brunch, so brunch it was. I made reservations for two for a lazy Sunday brunch. It was a tad vexing to actually get to the place itself, and after running late for our reservation, with no clue in mind whatsoever even the direction of where the restaurant was, it eventually whittled down to "Let's flag a cab and instruct the driver on where the location is and let him lead the way". No need to explain why we call each other "Bims" then. Snorts.


Flowers on the tables; our skinny lattes; reserved table; close up of rose

Having read on the online community about Spruce's popularity as a brunch place, it was great that I manage to strike yet another brunch café off my list. We were starving by the time we reached the place and grabbing hold of the menu, I managed to persuade Jams to split two dishes. Hee. She wanted the Spruce big breakie, and I wanted the banana pancakes. So we shared the two.

Jams with our brunch plates

The Spruce Big Breakie? What a big letdown. I mean, what can go wrong with a normal big breakfast platter? Just add eggs, toast, meat, and some veg, and most people are fine with it. Even when Spruce Big Breakie had everything above, it didn't wow us. We were both kinda disappointed with the platter, and Jams even went as far to say that the roasted tomato (which she took) was the best part of the plate. Which certainly doesn't bode well...

Then again, Jams doesn't like meat muchos, and she left much of her sausage and bacon on the plate. What was annoying was that the sautéed mushrooms on the plate were not the usual button, or Swiss brown mushrooms. It was more like a enoki/shitake style? It tasted more like an Asian dish than a Western breakie. :/

Oh well, at least I enjoyed the poached eggs on toast. At least their poached eggs were done right. But the pepper on the table was white powdered, not cracked black... (okay okay, we are both picky like that).

Banana hotcakes

Now, the pancakes on the other spectrum, was amazing. I love the pancakes! Definitely on my top three top pancakes place in Singapore. The other two being Jones the Grocer and Cedele. There was plenty of cinnamon (swoons) and this crumble like thing (fabulous stuff) and sweet blueberries (awesome!), besides the banana slices and honeycomb syrup. If I were to go back again ever, this will be what I'll be ordering. By myself. Not sharing. Nuh uh. ;)

Mother & child, Paintings; Lamps; Counter

It was lucky that we made reservations, for while we were dining, there was a queue of people waiting outside to get in. We certainly took our time eating, and just sitting there to gossip, check out blogshops and take pictures even after we were done dining. Heh.

Beautiful painting
Seats; Blackboard

Spruce is a bit overrated. I mean, well, the coffee were not bad, and the pancakes was superb amazing. But if their big breakie doesn't satisfy...I'm just sayin'...that's the basis of a good brunch place isn't it? 


  1. eh cracked black pepper and button/swiss brown mushroom are very important ok, i mean, it's brunch! (read: WESTERN)

    riders/prive/home made macarons next!! :)

  2. Hey.. give me some of that please!!! I could go for a nice sausage like that.. reminds me of the U.S.and Germany.... nom nom ...... is that you with the little bambino?

  3. jams: its u right. lol. yes yes brunch again soon. i have to make a new list of places to go cos im done with most of my list alr haha. ;)

    girl j: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. lol. how could it be me?? im not even married lol. it's a patron at the restaurant. haha.


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