Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bangkok Nov 2010 (2)

Day 3: We woke up and had the breakfast buffet at the hotel. Not bad, compared to the previous two meals we had so far. I stuffed myself silly with the yums dark bread and honey and pancakes. Next up on the agenda was - *drumroll* Chatuchak market! Sis and I actually spent almost the whole day day! The place opens from 10am till 6pm on weekends. And it's the first time I actually stayed till shops started closing (about 4,5ish)...normally I'll leave after only a few hours of walking cos I get tired of the confusing aisles in the huge market.

Daily dose of mandarin orange juice to start our shopping trip...

We weren't hungry, we were too busy happily shopping away at the vintage lanes (super gorgeous vintage dresses! I got three new dresses ;) ) but when I walked by this store, and saw what the customers were eating, I immediately knew I wanted to eat lunch there. I turned to Sis and asked, "Hey, are you hungry...want to have lunch?" She wasn't hungry too, so I said to return to the stall later when we're hungry. 

After continuing on our spree, we decided to have lunch (around 2,3ish in the afternoon) and managed to locate the place again! Those of you who've been to Chatuchak will understand that to find a stall again is quite a feat as the place is seriously messy and all over the place. But we managed to find the stall again! Hoorays for our tummies. :)

Chicken wings

Now these were the reason why I knew I wanted to have our lunch there. Those chicken wings looked really tasty and we sure weren't disappointed when they arrived piping hot on our table. Dipped into the slightly spicy sauce served at the side. Omg. They were one of the yummiest wings I've eaten in a while!

Grilled pork salad; Papaya salad with salted egg

We were also ordered the above two dishes, plus a cuppa ice Thai tea to share. All the food tasted very delicious, except for the fact that the Thai tea was overly sweet for our liking. Then again, the Thais seem to like adding too much sugar to alot of their food (fruit juices, pad thai, whatever). The portions arn't too much, it was just right for us girls, so if it were guys eating, I reckon to order more dishes? The price was cheap too! Just 182 baht for all the above, which translates to roughly S$8? Gosh.

Lovely stall

One of my favourite looking stalls at Chatuchak, the display mannequins were decked in chiffon blouses (my faves!) and flower hair garlands - the look was just very girlish. In fact, I bought two chiffon tops from that shop. :) I love those cupcake earrings! Totally adorable, a pity I have no earhole piercings, if not I would have bought them...

Floral lamp at the stall
Piano at Siam/Paragon

After disposing of our many buys at the hotel, we went for dinner at Siam/Paragon area. The place has changed since I last visited. The food section at the basement was like way enormous. Maybe say five times bigger than Singapore's Takashimaya food square in town? That huge. They have various themes for the small restaurants in the food basement. So if it's a dessert shop, they'll have a whole cafe theme going, or for Italian, the red and white colour scheme, and Japanese, the woodsy decor, and so on and so forth, you get the drift.

Cute cupcakes (and I want those glass cake platters!)
(and that totally gorgeous ceramic platter too!)
Taling Pling

Apparently this restaurant was listed in Sis's Bangkok guide as a pretty good place to have dinner at, and so we managed to get a seat at the restaurant. The place was quite crowded, and we were lucky to get seats there.

Orange ginger slushie; Brown sugar and lime drink

My orange ginger slushie was really good. Lately, I think I've taken a liking to ginger stuff, and I'm more open to trying ginger dishes than ever. Good choice. Sis's brown sugar and lime drink was really refreshing and it's a lovely drink to awaken one's appetite. 

Spring rolls; Vegetables; Chicken; Fried fish cakes
Grilled pork; Olive rice
Crispy fried calamari 
Sticky rice with mango; Red ruby

All the food at Taling Pling was executed perfectly. There weren't any dish that tasted bad. Most of the time when dining out, there's bound to be hits and misses during a dining occasion. But I can honestly say that I enjoyed all the dishes we ordered that night. Especially the olive fried rice, crispy fried calamari, and the chicken. And the drinks. So yeah, it was an overall great dining experience there. There's also a Taling Pling outlet at Central World (which we saw when we were there the next day), so I reckon there's a few branches in Bangkok - as listed in the name card photo as shown above.

After the satisfying dinner (in which even my Dad agreed, he isn't a fan of Thai food and after the meal, he said that he didn't know Thai food can taste so good. ;) hoho.), we walked a little bit to try to digest our meal. We spotted this lovely dessert shop and walked in to have a closer look at the dessert cabinets.

And only after I'm back in Singapore, Evan then tells me (after seeing the photos on Facebook) that it's actually quite a well known French brand. That Pierre Herme has actually apprenticed under the Lenotre guy before! Aargh! So disappointed I didn't buy anything to try that day!!! I remembered asking Sis if she wanted to buy something to share the next day (cos we were so stuffed from dinner) and she say no. Aaaaah. Wasted opportunity. :( Oh wells, next time I guess. I'm such a Bangkok fan that I'm sure I'll be back there again some time soon...

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